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Google Chrome announces surprising functionality for those traveling by plane



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For those who travel frequently, the new Google Chrome update will change your life!

In addition to the usual work trips that some of us take frequently, this festive season, which includes Christmas and New Year, sees millions of people traveling to join their loved ones.

As expected, it becomes a high season with a lot of confusion and queues until our destination. Even worse (and it happens frequently) are the inevitable delays or cancellations of flights.

To make your trip easier, Google has allowed you to share your travel data with anyone through a personalized link. But to improve and facilitate the flight experience even further, Google Chrome will receive a update which will further smooth this process.


Google Chrome
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For those who don’t know, Google has a new browser, identical to the Chromebut with new functionalities in constant experimentation.

It’s called Google Chrome Canary and it has updates almost every day, ideal for those who want to always be up to date with developments and improvements. Basically, Google Chrome Canary serves as a pre-beta version of the browser so developers can try out everything they’re working on.

One of these new updates concerns flight information. Now you will be able to research a specific airline and, if you want, pass on all the information without any complications to the Google Wallet.

The best part is that you can take photos of your physical tickets, whether they are for plane, train or even bus trips, and they are automatically stored in Google Wallet.

Do you print the plane ticket? Did you know this version of the browser?

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