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Solo Leveling ending music video



On her YouTube channel, the singer krage posted online the music video for “request“, his 2nd single which is used as the ending theme of the anime series adaptation of the novel Solo Leveling.

Krage He began singing at age 15, while still in high school, and made his major label debut in April 2022 on Sony Music Associated Records of Sony Music Labels.

Its first single, “Natsu no Yuki”, was used as the ending theme for the anime series Raven of the Inner Palace which debuted in 2022.

Solo Leveling Synopsis

Ten years ago, after the “Portal” that connects the real world with a world of monsters opened, some ordinary people were given the power to hunt the monsters in the portal. They are known as hunters. However, not all hunters are strong. My name is Sung Jin-Woo, an E rank hunter. I am someone who has to risk his life in the weakest dungeons, “The weakest in the world”. Without having any skills at my disposal, I can barely make money in low-level dungeons… At least until I find a hidden dungeon with the highest difficulty within Rank D! In the end, while accepting my death, I gained a new power…

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