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Song Festival 2024 | The complete guide to this year’s edition



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Everything is known about the 2024 Song Festival! These are the big dates of the contest, the chosen artists and the presenters!

Another edition of the event that is the biggest showcase of Portuguese musical talent is almost here, the winner of which will have a guaranteed place in this year’s Eurovision Festival, taking place in Malmo, Sweden, after the victory of Loreen.

After an excellent performance of Mimicat, winner of the Festival da Canção 2023, the Portuguese can start preparing to listen to the songs in the competition and choose the big winner! In total they are 20 contest songs being that 14 are performed by singers invited by RTP and the rest were determined through free submission. After known authors of the two dozen songs, we found out who the presenters are, their respective performers and, of course, the dates!

Still with some mystery Grand Final presenters revealed of the Song Festival – Vasco Palmeirim It is Filomena Cautela commanding operations but always with the support of Inês Lopes Gonçalves in the Green Room. The 2024 Song Festival will take place on the days February, 24 (First Semifinal), March 2 (Second Semifinal) and March, 9 (Grand final). The presenters for both semi-finals will be known later. After acquaintances the authors, these are the interpreters of each song:

First Semifinal (February 24)

  • Bishop – “Portuguese house”
  • Iolanda – “Scream”
  • João Borsch – “By the Seams”
  • Left – “I return to you”
  • Mela – “Water”
  • Mila Dores – “Sharpen the Tongue”
  • Nena – “Conspiracy theories”
  • Noble – “Memory”
  • Perpetua – “Far away from here”
  • Rita Rocha – “Final Points”

Mimicat song festival rtp eurovision
Portugal’s first rehearsals at Eurovision 2023 © Corinne Cumming / EBU

Second Semifinal

Song Contest 2023 Eurovision 2023
© Pedro Pina / RTP

Us 60 years of the Song Festival (not in editions) there will be many surprises which will be revealed over the days. On the part of Antenna 1Official Radio of the Song Festival, there will be, from next Monday after the news, a moment where all the songs will be broadcast.

In addition, there will be an exclusive podcast to celebrate this round issue – 10 episodes about 60 years and how the Festival da Canção was (and is) a mirror of Portuguese political, social and cultural evolution.

Finally, Vasco Palmeirim highlights the great diversity and “lack of knowledge” on the part of artists – “Lesser-known faces, and that’s a good thing.”

Have you heard the songs?

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