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Still don’t use Gmail as your main email account? You should!



Gmail is the most popular email provider in the world, and for good reason. Google has many core services and Gmail is the common thread that unites them: the only way to have a Google account is to have a Gmail account. Therefore, it is also your key to the Google software ecosystem. You’re missing out on a lot if you don’t use Gmail as your email service provider. So we’re going to show you all the reasons why you should have a Gmail account instead of any other email service.

Attention! These are the reasons to have a Gmail account

Access the range of Google applications and services with your email

Currently, Google has one of the most essential applications and services online. Under Google’s umbrella are Google Search (and its app), Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Play Store and more. This is a pretty strong list of essential Internet services.

open Gmail in Chrome

Google has designed its services so that a Gmail email address is required to manage and access them. If you have another email provider that you prefer, it’s still a good idea to create a Gmail account that you can use to join the Google ecosystem.

Easily register your email address with services

Google is a well-integrated service, and due to its popularity, many developers add a Google auto-enrollment feature to their registration system. This saves you the trouble of entering an email address and password every time you want to register for a service on the Internet.

If you have multiple Google accounts on your computer, you can even select from a list of all accounts logged in to your browser and easily choose the one you want to use to register. This makes selecting multiple email addresses as easy as possible.

It also adds an extra layer of security when signing up for a service. You know that if you log in to Google, your email and password are safe and you don’t have to worry about a third party having access to them.

Use Gmail’s organization and customization tools

To properly assess the robustness of Gmail’s customization, you need to compare it to the next best option, Microsoft Outlook. When you open the Gmail settings tab, the amount of things you can change is impressive.

You can change your Gmail theme to a custom image from Google Photos, you can add new labels and sections to your mail, you can choose to organize your messages in whatever order you want, and you can even reduce the density of emails displayed per page.

Although Outlook has interesting customization features, it doesn’t have the same level of detail that Gmail grants its users.

Gmail has a large and affordable storage capacity

Because Gmail uses your Google Drive storage space, it currently has the largest free storage capacity of any email service provider. You can have up to 15 GB of files in your email. For context, Outlook only allows you to have 5 GB for free.

Gmail does not receive new messages, Gmail message danger

You can even increase your storage limit with Google One. So you can get up to 2TB at dramatically cheaper pricing tiers than Microsoft’s solution.

Having a Gmail account gives you access to one of the best mobile email apps

Many of us have already tried e-mail that mix up all emails, take time to deliver emails and delay notifications. However, you won’t suffer any of this with the Gmail app.

It works well from a user experience perspective, integrating all the security and convenience features that Gmail on the web has to offer. This means you’ll have an email app that integrates your Google contacts, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

You can also access recent emails offline and create drafts that will sync across all platforms once you’re online. At the same time, you’re using a cross-platform email app that works on virtually any modern device you own.

Search your emails with a powerful search engine

Google is famous for its search engine, and it has lent some of its search engine power to Gmail. When you type something in the search bar, the smart engine can prioritize keywords and look for things in context. Excludes promotional items from suggested answers and presents more useful information in quick results.

You can also search using certain criteria, such as whether the email message has an attachment, the size of the message, the time period in which it was sent, the category it falls in, who sent it, and other useful filters. You can even create a custom filter.

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