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Streaming vs Blu-Ray: What’s the best way to watch content!?



It is undeniable that the physical format for distributing films and series is currently dying, which is exactly why many stores have even given up on the idea of ​​having a space reserved for this type of multimedia content. Interestingly, this is something that will also happen with games in the coming years.

However, while there is no difference between the physical format of a game and any download from the servers of your preferred platform, the same cannot be said about a film or series in high definition.

This is exactly why there are still those who argue that Blu-Ray is the best way to consume series and films! Do you have any idea why?

Streaming vs Blu-Ray: What’s the best way to watch content!?


Therefore, as Blu-Ray technology is now a little old having been originally launched in 2006, the vast majority of consumers don’t even remember that it exists, nor what the great advantages of this technology are compared to streaming.

But, with the right equipment, the truth is that Blu-Ray is still the best way to enjoy cinema at home in its maximum quality.

Samsung Blu-ray players

Best at what? Let’s try to understand, thanks to a test of the TechRadar!

Therefore, according to tests carried out by the website focused on technology and tests of what is most recent and exciting in the world of technology, Blu-Ray is able to offer an image quality slightly superior to the world of streaming, although it is not something very significant. . Interestingly, the big difference is in the audio!

In the world of streaming, where you have to deal with thousands of servers, as well as Internet connections from users that aren’t always incredible… You still have to make some compromises in bandwidth.

Therefore, despite the great evolution of the distribution systems of the major streaming platforms on the market, and consequently it is now possible to have a comparable image quality between streaming and Blu-Ray FHD or 4K, the reality is that in terms of audio the old Blu-Ray still takes home the trophy.

Power, immersion and consistency… It’s all superior on the Blu-Ray side. But let’s be very honest! Despite the advantages of the physical format, it is undeniable that no one will buy readers, or buy films and series in physical formats.

Nowadays we have everything at the touch of a button on our TV control! In other words, no one will exchange convenience for pure, hard quality.


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