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You will be able to reinstall Windows 11 with Windows Update!



A new Windows Update feature could be the best thing ever for those who are afraid of losing files or images when trying to reinstall or recover their Windows 11 installations. The new feature, “Fix problems using Windows Update”, allows you to reinstall Windows 11 using Windows Update.

Currently, if you want to repair or reinstall the installed version of Windows, you must perform an “in-place upgrade” using the Media Creation Tool. The process allows you to keep all your files, settings and installed applications. However reinstall the installed version of Windows or sometimes newer versions without losing files.

Windows in-place upgrades are generally considered a somewhat lengthy and time-consuming process. Furthermore, some users fear losing their files or images. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the concerns and is adding a new feature called “Fix issues using Windows Update”.

Microsoft is testing the feature with users in the Beta Channel. So you can find the option “Fix problems using Windows Update” in Settings > System > Recovery, but it doesn’t seem to work at the moment as stated on the website WindowsLatest.

With this new recovery tool, you can “reinstall your current version of Windows and everything else will be preserved”. This is according to the description of the toggle button in the settings app.

The “Fix problems using Windows Update” option allows you to use Windows Update to download and reinstall the installed version of Windows 11 in minutes.

The idea is to repair your existing Windows installation by downloading a new copy of the operating system from Windows Update. And the best part? It will not remove any files, settings, or applications, according to a July 2023 support document.

The company is still working on the new Windows Update recovery feature. It is particularly useful if you want to reinstall, update or repair the operating system without losing files, documents, images, videos or applications.

“This feature downloads and installs a repair version of the operating system,” Microsoft said in a six-month-old blog post, discovered by Windows Latest.

We believe that this new feature could arrive as early as February/March 2024 as part of the Windows 11 Moment 5 update.

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