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The 8 best science fiction films on Netflix according to Rotten Tomatoes



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Science fiction fan? So it’s time to discover the eight highest rated films on Netflix according to Rotten Tomatoes.

A Netflix offers a wide range of Science Fiction Moviesseveral with an excellent rating from the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. These productions include futuristic worlds, innovative scientific concepts and narratives that challenge the imagination. With a wide range of plots, styles and visions, these feature films stand out above all for their above-average quality.

From space adventures epic to complex human dramas, all immersed in futuristic scenarios or alternative realities, there are films for all tastes. With innovative visual effects and compelling stories, each film transports viewers to new universes, exploring deep questions about humanity, technology and the ever-appealing unknown.

Therefore, the list that follows took into account the eight films best rated by the Rotten Tomatoes which are present in the Portuguese Netflix catalogue. It’s a unique opportunity to explore creative visions of the future, uncover mysteries of space and delve into imaginative stories that challenge the boundaries of reality.

8th – IBOY – 70%

After being shot while asking for help to stop a violent attack on his girlfriend, a 16-year-old boy wakes up from a coma and discovers that fragments of his smartphone have been inserted into his brain, giving him powers of Super hero. So, use this knowledge and technology to take revenge on the gang responsible for the attack. Maisie Williams is one of the protagonists!


Seok-heon, a bank security guard, gains superpowers one day after drinking water from a mountain spring affected by a meteorite. So he sets out to protect his daughter Roo-mi and his neighborhood from a mafia-controlled construction company using his newly acquired superpower: psychokinesis, and in the process becomes a superhero.

6th – THE SOUL – 80%

Wang Shicong, president of the famous group, tragically died at home. During the investigation, prosecutor Liang Wenchao and his wife, judicial police A Bao, learned that the deceased’s son Wang Tianyou, young newlywed wife Li Yan, long-time partner Wan Yufan and even ex-wife Tang Suzhen, all have intricate connections with each other. Bao discovered the terrible secret hidden behind the case… The film is adapted from Jiang Bo’s novel.

5th – CODE 8: RENEGUES – 81%

O second greatest original film of all time with crowdfunding, raising more than two million euros from more than 35 thousand sponsors through the Indiegogo. In addition, it also set the record for the highest box office opening day for Elevation Pictures in Canada and Vertical Entertainment in the USA.

In a world where people with “special” abilities live in poverty, Conner Reed (Robbie Amell) is a powerful young man who struggles to pay for his sick mother’s medical treatment. To make money, he joins a lucrative world of crime led by Garrett (Stephen Amell), who works for a drug lord (Greg Bryk).

4th – I AM MOTHER – 89%

An Australian science fiction thriller film starring Hilary Swank and directed by Grant Sputore. “I Am Mother” centers on a teenager raised clandestinely by the gentle robot ‘Mother’ (voiced by Rose Byrne), designed to repopulate the Earth after the extinction of humanity. But her bond is threatened by the inexplicable arrival of a stranger bearing alarming news.

3rd – OXYGEN – 89%

A nightmare that comes true for all claustrophobics! This is another Netflix original production in English. French who thinks innovatively in terms of action. In the beginning, an unidentified woman wakes up in an airtight medical unit, unsure of who she is or where she is.

Interactions with the system Artificial intelligence – nicknamed MILO (Medical Interface Liaison Officer) – give some clues about his identity. However, no matter what he does, he cannot escape this prison. As she tries to understand who put her in the box and why, some truths about her personal life and the current state of the world come to light. However, oxygen levels are decreasing rapidly…


The best way to live life without regrets is to build a time machine! Exactly what happens in this film produced by Spike Lee. After unlocking the secrets of time travel, CJ and Sebastian, best friends and early school prodigies, are forced to use their new invention in an attempt to save CJ’s brother, Calvin, from a fatal encounter with the police.

The film, a modern interpretation of “Back to the future“, including a special appearance by the famous time traveler, Michael J. Fox. The story addresses very relevant cultural issues, such as police brutality, while entertaining with high school clichés and temporal paradoxes.


In the Netflix sci-fi comedy, which marks the directorial debut of “Creed II” screenwriter Juel Taylor, an unlikely trio (played by Boyega, Teyonah Parris and Jamie Foxx) faces a government conspiracy when a series of mysterious events bring them together. “They Cloned Tyrone” chosen to be part of the Blacklist in 2019, an annual compendium of the most popular unproduced scripts, which has already included eventual Oscar winners such as “Jojo Rabbit“, “Argo” and “Juno”.

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