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Panda Kids will stream Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys – The Series and Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens



O Panda Kids will celebrate the holidays in the best way possible with all fans of Pokémon It is Yu-Gi-Oh! This is because on December 23rd, starting at 9:00 am, “Pokémon Day” will be celebrated with an incredible marathon of 54 episodes of Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys – The series.

In Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys – The seriesthe challenges are greater than
Never. As the Pokémon World Coronation Championship heats up, one
Intensive training is in store for Ash, Pikachu and their Pokémon friends.
Meanwhile, Goh embarks on a series of admissions missions to become
member of Project Mew and Cloe and Eevee learn about the different Evolutions
which Eevee can choose, will they be able to make a decision about their

After roughly a week, that is, on December 30th from 6:00 am, it’s time for the duel with “Yu-Gi-Oh Day!”, a fantastic marathon of 43 episodes full of strong emotions of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens.

Yu-Gi-OH! Sevens takes place in a world where technology has advanced a lot and where
children spend a lot of time competing with their card decks
specials. In this reality, duels are increasingly exciting and fast-paced,
with incredible new strategies that make each duel more dynamic than the previous one.
previous! In the series we follow the adventures of Yuga Ohdo, a 5th year student at
Goha City that dreams of becoming “King of Duels” and is about to take its game
favorite to the next level by inventing an entirely new way to duel, the

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