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The best series arriving in February



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New month and new Netflix catalog! There are several series that will premiere over the next month and here you will find out about them in detail.

The month of February brings to the Netflix a diverse catalog of series, with options for all tastes. Since dramas exciting to comedies hilarious, passing by thrillers intriguing stories and fantasy touching, there is something that will certainly please you. These additions offer subscribers the opportunity to explore a variety of genres, immersing themselves in quality storylines and captivating characters.

As we approach the Valentine’s Day, Netflix promises an electrifying February for series fans, full of remarkable stories. So prepare yourself for a month of entertainment in which emotions will be many. Laughing, crying and being surprised by unexpected twists are (once again) the premises of the giant of streaming.



Join colorful friends Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po on wonderful adventures of learning and growing in this 19th century version. XXI of the beloved series for preschoolers, now narrated by Tituss Burgess (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt“), appointed to the Emmys. Each episode contains new original songs that will get the whole family dancing!


Chu Ai, the youngest in her family, combines her job as a therapist with a sexual education channel on social media. The young woman, who embraces the sex but runs away from love at all costs, is in a no-strings-attached relationship with Ping-ke, who shares his skepticism about the romance.

The older sister, Chu-wei, faces marital problems with her husband, Shi-chieh. On her side, her brother, Yu-sen, ends a long-term but unbalanced relationship with his boyfriend. With her parents’ difficult relationship as the backdrop, the series follows Chu Ai as she tries to find the path to self-discovery, satisfy her desires and build a meaningful relationship.



Based on interviews with followers, critics and Raël himself, this series documentary portrays it as a religion linked to UFOs turned into a controversial sect.


Luz is a girl who, after being orphaned, is raised in a caingangue family and adopts the wisdom and values ​​of the tribe. When she was born, her grandfather Carlos blamed her for his son’s death. Therefore, he ordered Baltazar to pick up the girl from the hospital and get rid of her. However, Baltazar decides to save her life and hides her in the tribe.

Now, 9 years later, Carlos discovers the truth and pursues Light, who manages to escape and hide in a boarding school for wealthy children. At school and with new friends, she also manages to unravel the mystery of her origins: the mother she didn’t know was alive.


It tells the story of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. Their graduation night, July 15, 1988, was the night they spoke for the first time. The next morning, everyone goes their own way… but where will they be on that same day a year later? And the following year? And in the years following that?

Each episode follows Dexter and Emma as one year older. The date is the same and both evolve and change, moving closer and further apart, experiencing joy and heartbreak. It’s a love story that takes place over decades, based on bestseller by David Nicholls.



In an attempt to restart his love life after a long relationship, Dave turned to dating online. Getting involved with two potential partners, Liz and Cari, single mothers with charming personalities, the search for romance it quickly became a dangerous love triangle.

What should have been an opportunity for Dave to rediscover love turned into a four-year nightmare, putting him and his inner circle in danger. This one documentary from Curious Films and director Sam Hobkinson, through interviews with those involved and realistic dramatizations, unravels a complex plot of harassment, online deception and murder, shedding light on the dangers that permeate modern relationships in the United States.


A common man becomes a serial killer by chance, and finds himself in the crosshairs of a ruthless detective who is determined to catch him.


Who is Doúm? This is the guiding thread of the third and final season of Bom Dia, Verónica. While looking for her third brother, Verónica investigates the orphanage where Brandão and Matias grew up. In a small town, she meets Jerónimo, a millionaire horse breeder, and his mother Diana, a beautiful and mysterious woman who hides secrets about the place’s macabre past.

However, when the mafia puts Verónica’s family in danger, she has to enter a race against time. With no way out, she risks everything on a dangerous chase that she may not come out alive.


A series follows Sahm, a man who emigrates to San Francisco in search of his sister, Mai Ling, who he assumes has been missing since she emigrated to the USA. Upon his arrival in the city, he discovers that his sister is actually the leader of a Chinatown criminal gang, Long Zi, and finds himself involved in a gang war. The series takes place in the 1870s and is based on writings by Bruce Leeone of the biggest names in the world of martial arts.


The iconic sitcom 90s series, created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, is celebrated for its unique approach to comedy. Set in New York, the series follows the hilarious experiences of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, along with his eccentric friends Elaine, George and Kramer.

Famous for its “comedy about nothing”, the narrative explores mundane situations transformed into comical moments. The chemistry between the cast, the sharp dialogue and satirical observations made “Seinfeld” a lasting reference in pop culture, influencing generations of television programs. One of the best series comedy is returning to Netflix.


In a world where the nations of Water, Earth, Fire and Air coexisted in harmony under the tutelage of the Avatar, master of the four elements, peace is shattered when the Fire Nation launches a devastating attack. Hope resurfaces with Aang, the last Air Nomad, destined to be the new Avatar. Together with his friends Sokka and Katara, Aang faces challenges epicsincluding the threat of Fire leader Ozai and the persistence of Prince Zuko.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” returns in version live-action, promising a captivating and exciting journey to save the world. Albert Kim takes on crucial roles in the production, while Jabbar Raisani, Michael Goi, Roseanne Liang and Jet Wilkinson contribute to the production. Dan Lin and Lindsey Liberatore lead executive production for Rideback.


The community is stunned after a violent double homicide. The “Courier” attributes the case to Witold Wanycz, an experienced journalist. At the same time, Wanycz discovers the enigmatic suicide of two teenagers. With the help of Piotr, a young reporter, they undertake an independent investigation.

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