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The Last of Us Part II Director Talks Misleading Trailers with Joel



Portuguese launch trailer for The Last of Us Part II

Neil Druckmannthe director of The Last of Us Part IIshowed some regret for the game’s misleading trailers that featured Joel, but that was so as not to give spoilers about the story.

Joel’s story in The Last of Us Part II It took everyone by surprise and anyone who follows the live-action series adaptation will certainly be surprised. The game’s marketing indicated that Joel would play a large part of the second game’s story, but this ended up not happening and some players showed their discontent.

In the comments section of The Last of Us Part II Remastered, Neil Druckmann spoke about misleading marketing and noted that he had “mixed feelings” about the issue.

When The Last of Us Part II was revealed, Joel was shown in a way that strongly suggested he might be dead, but the Naughty Dog I didn’t want the fans to believe that. In future trailers, they put Joel in parts of the game that he wasn’t in.

In retrospect, Druckmann noted that the studio’s heart was in the right place to try to protect the story for fans, but they also didn’t take into consideration how fans would feel when they found out what really happened to Joel.

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