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The first Portuguese film nominated for an Oscar has just arrived on HBO Max



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HBO Max has just received “Ice Merchants”, the first Portuguese film nominated for an Oscar.

HBO Max is one of the biggest streaming platforms in Portugal and presents a catalog of series and movies very varied and of great quality.

This catalog has just been reinforced with a portuguese film which achieved a historic feat, being the first film produced in our country to be nominated for Oscars.

We talk about “Ice Merchants”, the short film performed by John Gonzalez who competed in Oscars this year in the Best Animated Short Film category and was defeated by “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse”by Charlie Mackesy and Matthew Freud.

At around 14 minutes, the constructions Now available on HBO Max, it tells the story of a man and his son who parachute every day from their cold, dizzying home, stuck high on a cliff, to travel to the village on the plain below, where they sell the ice they produce at night.

In addition to the Oscars, “Ice Merchants” also stands out for being one of the most watched Portuguese films of the year.

Ice Merchants HBO Max
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For the Film Threat, “the breathtaking visuals and the characters’ expression through color are incredible. The premise is simple, just a father and son selling ice, but in execution, the film is bewitching and robust at its core.” The same sentiment is supported by Eye for Film“Hand-drawn with just four colors of ink, the film’s simple lines convey lots of movement and expression.”

In your review, our João Garção Borges highlights the fact that it is a film which “does not have a single line of dialogue, but what the characters, father and son, communicate between themselves does not need to be heard to be understood, in other words, we are facing an imminently visual project, where the musical component stands out effectively in the combination with the mix of sound effects.

Also from our team Claudio Alves adds “it is an epic in a small format, an adventure of the senses and emotions materialized in drawings to which cinema has given life. A story of loss and love unfolds here, all very primordial and poetic, but no less sincere or powerful. In free fall, we fell in love with this brilliant film.”


Are you going to take the opportunity to watch or (re)watch “Ice Merchants” on HBO Max?

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