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Voyagers of Nera will receive an Early Access release for PC in 2024



A Treehouse Games announced that the game Voyagers of Nera will receive an Early Access release for the PRAÇA (Steam) in 2024.

Through the page Voyagers of Nera at Steam we can read the following:

Voyagers of Nera is a cooperative survival game for up to 16 players set in a vibrant ocean world filled with magical creatures and ancient mysteries. Unleash the spirit of your island, build a unique village with friends, and swim through the ever-changing ocean.

Nera, it is a world of infinite beauty, magic and wonder, but it needs our protection. Chaotic oceans shift and shift, while corruption threatens islands and villages – only you can restore balance. Gather your fellow Runeborn, awaken the spirit of your newborn island, and enjoy the world around you to build a new home.

Nera is calling you… and your journey has just begun.

Main Features:

  • Protect the Balance – Play as a Runeborn, powerful individuals summoned to restore balance to the chaotic oceans of Nera. As you travel to distant islands, you’ll encounter powerful leviathans, explore ancient ruins, and protect endangered villages.
  • Connection with a Living Island – You have the gift of connecting with the Spirit of the Island, a living island that brings calm and peace to the seas around it. Decorate the land and build a thriving community to nourish your spirit and watch as your island grows in size over time.
  • Build Your Island Retreat – Unlock your creativity with an innovative building system that empowers you to design a beautiful custom villa with room for all your friends. As you deepen your bond with the Spirit of the Island, you’ll unlock new jobs and recipes, and grow more powerful as a Runeborn.
  • Share the adventure with friends – Voyagers of Nera It’s a game meant to be shared! Add new players at any time to contribute through different roles – whether you like adventuring, crafting, fighting or building, each choice helps your group progress and the island grow.”
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