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The four solutions for a stuck Android smartphone!



In general, Android smartphones work very well. However, this is especially true for those with better specifications. Others, especially over time, may present more problems. Your cell phone Does it block when answering a call or opening an application? If so, you are not the only one. Sometimes, a software glitch or bug can even brick flagship Android smartphones. So we will tell you what can cause Android smartphones to crash and also how to fix it.

The four solutions for a stuck Android smartphone!

Restart your Android smartphone and check storage

Restarting your Android phone should be the first thing you do when it freezes. On the official support page, Google recommends “pressing and holding the power button for about 30 seconds to restart.” When the cell phone boot, don’t rush to unlock it. Give it some time to invoke all system functions and prepare. Then go through the lock screen to see if it works better.

If it is a one-off situation, that is, an error or failure that has frozen your Android phone, restarting it should solve the problem. However, if your cell phone block often, consider checking your storage space. If you are running out storage spacefree up some by deleting unnecessary applications and files.

Android smartphone crashing

Start by deleting duplicate photos or screenshots from your Android phone. If you back up your media files to Google Photos, delete them from offline storage to free up some space.

Remove any movies or web series you may have downloaded as they take up a lot of space. You can find them in the Downloads section of the Files app.

Uninstall applications that you do not use frequently.

Keep cleaning your memory, especially if you use an old Android phone with limited RAM. Go to the recent apps section and tap “Clear all” to close all apps.

Check operating system and application updates

Just like iPhones, Android phones also have software problems. Software problems do not happen exclusively with the Android operating system. Sometimes the applications installed on your Android phone can also get corrupted. However, in both situations, you should check for software updates and update if a newer version is available.

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Restore factory settings

If nothing works, you may need to reset your Android smartphone to factory settings. This process erases all data, application information and settings saved on the phone. Therefore, before resetting your smartphone, create a local backup on your desktop or Google Drive, if you have enough storage.

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