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The reason why Margot Robbie is not nominated as an actress at the 2024 Oscars



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Despite being “Barbie”, Margot Robbie was not nominated for the 2024 Oscars as Best Actress. How did this happen?

A Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed on January 23rd its nominations for the 23 categories of the 2024 Oscars. It’s been a few days, but we’re still dealing with the repercussions in social media of some decisions taken by the Academy.

Recognized in 8 different categories, “Barbie” fell short of expectations in terms of nominations, as it failed in two main categories: Best actress for Margot Robbie It is Best Director for Greta Gerwig. Already here we approached which may have led to Greta Gerwig being excluded, now it’s time to try to understand why Margot Robbie is not on the list of Best actress at the 2024 Oscars.

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Margot Robbie, Emma Stone (“Poor Creatures”) and Carey Mulligan (“Maestro”) were the only candidates to be included in the four main television precursors: Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice, Screen Actors Guild Awards and prizes from British Academy (BAFTA).

At the helm of the biggest phenomenon of recent years and with a good track record at other awards shows, what failed to make Margot Robbie unable to succeed?

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As a rule, the consistency in television precursors indicates a certain strength that leads to the idea that the Oscar nomination is practically certain. When the candidate competes for a film with less visibility in the race, historically he is more at risk of failing, let them say so Tilda Swinton (“We Need to Talk About Kevin”), Emma Thompson (“Meeting Mr.Banks”), or more recently Viola Davis (“The Woman King”).

However, when we are talking about a protagonist from one of the films nominated for Best Film and with a regular presence in other precursors, the examples are scarcer, with Amy Adams per “The first date” was the main case study so far. However, it cannot be said that it is such a big shock that the actress ended up not being recognized.

Robbie always seemed more vulnerable in the race than other names that failed important precursors like Sandra Hüller (“Anatomy of a Fall”) or Lily Gladstone (“Killers of the Flower Moon”). Firstly, we recall again the Academy’s voting system, which differs from other awards: a preferential vote that favors not those with the most votes, but those who achieve the most “1” numbers. Probably, Robbie appeared in several rankings, but was unable to gather enough top places to overcome other candidates with more passion on their side.

Then, it’s worth keeping in mind that although her performance was praised by critics, Margot Robbie was always unfairly overlooked throughout the buzz deafening around Ryan Gosling and you Ken.

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The reason is simple, your Barbie works as a kind of “straight man”, having much less space to stand out, especially when compared to Gosling’s bombastic and highly flashy performance. Robbie’s work is much more difficult to appreciate and understand, it is too subtle because she does it effortlessly. As I said America Ferrerathe actress “makes everything look easy” and perhaps that’s why people are convinced that her work is easy and end up taking her for granted.

There is also a certain level of skepticism and prejudice in the idea of ​​nominating Robbie for playing a “plastic doll”, in a category where actresses with performances seen as more serious and important compete. There is a clear bias as for recognizing actresses for the most comedic work in the Academy’s history.

Despite failing to receive much-deserved recognition for leading the cast of “Barbie”, her contribution as a main force for the film’s success has not gone unremembered. Alongside David HeymanRobbie Brenner and her husband Tom Ackerley. Margot Robbie is part of the list of producers distinguished for “Barbie” in the category of Best movie. Anyone who wants to see Margot Robbie holding an Oscar will have their only chance this year.

Do you believe that Margot Robbie deserved a nomination for Best Actress at the 2024 Oscars?

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