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The surprising comedy that just dethroned The Killer



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There’s a new (and quite surprising!) film that has just ascended the Netflix throne. The streaming platform thus has a new king!

During the last week, the film segment of Netflix was led by a mysterious and long-awaited thriller. However, according to the records of the FlixPatrolwhich is based on official Netflix data, there is a new ‘king’ when it comes to movies most seen. Furthermore, this feat was achieved both in Portugal and worldwide.

Therefore, the production in question has just dethroned the film.”The killer“. Even though this ranking is an indicator that is constantly changing as a result of there being new content constantly being added to the catalogue, it is still an extremely useful tool that helps us understand which content is arousing the greatest interest among subscribers at any given moment.

The story unfolds around the Christmas season. Every Christmas, Jackie sends a newsletter reporting on her great achievements, a situation that leaves Charlotte, a friend from college, feeling like a wreck. However, when a misunderstanding leads to Charlotte and her family showing up on Jackie’s door days before Christmas, Charlotte is forced to spend the holidays at her rival’s house. So she uses this time to look for proof that Jackie’s seemingly perfect life is a sham.


best christmas ever netflix
Scott Everett White/Netflix © 2023

However, despite having names like Heather Graham It is Jason Biggsit is comedy in Christmas, is not being well received by critics. Proof of this is that in the Rotten Tomatoesa platform that aggregates reviews, has a rating of 36% among critics and just 15% among the public.

O The Guardian assigns one star out of five possible. “Brandy and Heather Graham play old friends who reunite in a horrific, thankfully short film that offers no holiday cheer.“, it can be read. Also the The Daily Beast is of the same opinion. “It’s a little presumptuous (and perhaps even intentionally ironic) to title a film by Best. Christmas. Ever! (Nov. 16) when the film itself falls short of the standard of even the most mediocre of the streamer’s original Christmas films.


Are you a fan of Christmas movies?

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