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These are the new films coming to Prime Video in February



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With the arrival of the month that celebrates love, the Prime Video catalog is full of new films that will leave you glued to the small screen.

February is the most romantic month of the year which celebrates all couples in love, while also being filled with color to celebrate the Carnival. Over the next few days, Prime Video will add new content to its catalog to keep you company during these festive days. A platform streaming promises to provide entertainment for all ages, from the youngest to the most adults, but also for all tastes. With a greater focus on romantic films, the Prime Video catalog will have new unmissable content starting in February!

In addition to the big premieres, many older films will be available on the online platform, allowing you to (re)watch that feature film you’ve been waiting for… Read the rest of the article so you can get to know the great Prime Video highlights for the month of February.


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“Ana, an ambitious intern dreams of a career in the art world while trying to impress Claire, her demanding boss. When you have a upgrade moving to first class on a work trip, meets the attractive Will who mistakes Ana for his boss, a small lie that triggers a series of events, romances and opportunities until his lie is revealed.”

When Ana (Camila Mendes) receives a last-minute invitation to travel to London for work, the art intern ends up meeting Will (Archie Renaux), quickly becoming interested in him. With scenes recorded in the UK capital and New York, “Upgraded” is a fun romantic comedy that arrives in the Prime Video catalog now February 9.


Pensati Sexy
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“Maddalena is 30 years old and has no self-esteem at all. She is the black sheep of her Catholic family and all the men she dates seem to be out of her league. Her existence is as precarious as her employment contract until, after a date gone wrong, Maddalena becomes convinced that she is not sexy enough and that she must do everything she can to become that way!”

When Maddalena (Diana Del Bufalo) seeks to become a sexier and more attractive woman to men, a new guardian angel appears in her life to show her her potential as a writer and remind her of feminine power. This new spiritual guide appears in the form of the adult film actress, Valentina Nappi, which raises some fun laughs. “Pensati Sexy” is a fun Italian comedy that premieres on Prime Video for February 12th.


five blind
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“Lia, in her early twenties, is in prison. Faced with the bankruptcy of her traditional Chinese tea shop, inherited from her beloved grandmother, and the prospect of attending her younger sister’s impending wedding single and alone, she is reluctantly presented with a prophecy: the fate of her shop and Your love life is intertwined, and the secret lies in one of your next five dates. Under pressure from her family, Lia agrees to find five different suitors.”

Shunag Hu is the protagonist of “Five Blind Dates“, the Australian feature film that follows Lia and the moment in which a psychic explains to her that her soulmate will appear in one of her next romantic encounters. Committed to getting her love life straightened out, the young woman decides to embark on an adventure to find the man of her life. Will Lia be able to find what she’s looking for or will she end up disappointing everyone around her? The answer to this question can be found in the Prme Video catalog from the day February 13.


making my movie
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“It tells the story of Fani, a 16-year-old girl, dreamy and passionate about cinema, who has her best friend Leo as her great partner at all times. Fani lives thinking about her life as if it were a movie in which each friend, each passion, has a prominent role. During the school year, her mother insists that she participate in a selection process to go on exchange abroad. After passing the test, Fani will spend a year in London. The prospect of leaving the country scares her and she has to deal with her feelings and internal conflicts when she discovers herself in love with someone unexpected.”

This Brazilian romantic comedy follows the story of Fani (Bela Fernandes) and shows how young people deal with leaving the country, living in a mix of emotions. On the one hand, the joy of experiencing new adventures across borders. But on the other hand, there is the sadness of leaving behind friends and family who are always our support. “Making my movie“, which arrives in the Prime Video catalog from February 14this an adaptation of the work Making My Film: Fani’s Debuta book written by Paula Pimenta.


this is me now
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“Together with director Dave Meyers, Lopez creates an immersive cinematic experience, full of mythological references, that shows her journey to love and self-love. With spectacular costumes, stunning choreography and special appearances, this visual and audio spectacle is an introspective journey into the resilient power of Jennifer’s heart.”

Jennifer Lopez spent a decade without releasing any studio album, but the singer has been working on her musical project over the last few years and is now preparing to show the public the album “This Is Me… Now”, a sequel to the album released in 2002, “This Is Me… Then“. The release of the musical work is scheduled for February 16the date on which a musical film which follows the singer’s journey as she prepares her ninth studio album.

Are you a Prime Video subscriber? What’s the highlight of February that you really won’t want to miss?

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