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This 6-episode miniseries has just arrived on Netflix and is already one of the most watched



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To the delight of its many millions of subscribers, Netflix has just launched a miniseries that has caused a sensation all over the world.

In recent days we have seen the arrival of a unexpected serieswhich ended up dethroning the so-called popular production “The Crown“. Since then, it has spent almost a week at the top of this ranking. However, it may be experiencing its last moments of glory, as there is a new series that is preparing for its release. dethrone!

One new Swedish series of drama and suspense has just arrived Netflix and already occupies second place in the world top 10, as can be seen from data from the FlixPatrol, which are based on official Netflix records. Based on bestseller namesake by Mattias Edvardsson, the story follows the wealthy and traditional Sandell family. Everything goes wonderfully until daughter Stella is accused of murder.

The series delves into the mysterious and brutal murder of the young woman’s boyfriend and presents contradictory perspectives from those involved. All this while the family tries to protect her. Alternating between the characters’ views, the plot uncovers disturbing secrets, including a childhood trauma that leaves deep marks on family ties.


an almost normal family netflix
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However, this miniseries is not just limited to investigation, but also looks into the complex dynamics between fathers and daughter. Adam and Ulrika lie, manipulate and delete evidence so that Stella can be found innocent. Using contradictory perspectives, “An Almost Normal Family” creates a labyrinthine mystery, where the truth is hidden between the lines.

The truth comes to light when Ulrika speaks to Stella’s best friend, Amina, who last saw Christoffer on the night of his murder. What really happened?


What did you think of the plot? Have you had the chance to watch this Netflix miniseries?

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