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TOP anime songs for Karaoke in 2023



The Japanese EXINGspecialized in karaoke, announced the TOP anime songs from its service “JOYSOUND” and “UGA”, from January 1st to November 15th, 2023. Below you can see the TOP 10 of the annual ranking for JOYSOUND Karaoke for 2023.

A JOYSOUND and the UGA have the largest number of songs distributed in the industry (more than 350,000).

The most sung song in the category anime/tokusatsu/game in the year 2023 was the third single from YOASOBIidol“, which was featured as the opening theme of the anime series Oshi no Ko. The song also came in 2nd place overall, behind “Kaiju no Hanauta” in Vaundyand ranked 1st in the ranking of songs released in 2023. Above you can see a message from the YOASOBI where they state:

Thank you very much for the announcement that YOASOBI’s “Idol” ranked first in three categories in the 2023 annual JOYSOUND Karaoke rankings! Thank you everyone for singing your heart out as we ranked first for the month of May and for six months in a row! In 2023, we had many opportunities to perform live, release music and many people heard “Idol”, so it was a very rewarding year. We will continue to do our best in 2024 to play many live shows, write songs and make everyone love us even more. Thank you for your continued support!

TOP 10 anime songs for Karaoke in 2023 in Japan

1. “Idol” – YOASOBI (Oshi no Ko opening)

2. “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” – Yoko Takahashi (opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion)

3. “New Genesis” – Ado (Theme from One Piece Film Red)

4. “I’m Invincible” – Ado (Theme from One Piece Film Red)

5. “KICKBACK” – Kenshi Yonezu (opening of Chainsaw Man)

6. “Mixed Nuts” – Official HIGE DANdism (SPY x FAMILY opening)

7. “Himawari no Yakusoku” – Motohiro Hata (Stand By Me Doraemon)

8. “Zanko Sanka” – Aimer (opening of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc)

9. “Sekai ga Owaru madewa…” – WANDS (opening to Slam Dunk)

10. “Niji” – Msaki Suda (Stand By Me Doraemon 2)

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