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Tower of Fantasy will receive a collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion in 2024



A Level Infinite and the Hotta Studio announced that the collaboration between the famous anime series Neon Genesis Evangelionand the game Tower of Fantasy will be released for the PRAÇA (Steam and Epic Games Store) and mobile devices Android It is iOS in 2024.

Legendary Evangelion mech pilots Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, and their iconic Evangelion Test Type-01 will join the world of Aida to help players face threats and embark on a new adventure. Players will also be able to count on new exclusive collaboration content, such as simulations, new stories, clothing and customized vehicles for a limited time during the campaign.

The producers also provided new information about the “Electrifying Winter Rhapsody” expansion that will be released on December 21st for the game. In the new main story, the extraterrestrial people of Domain 9 enjoy a brief period of peace after their trip to Hendecashire to continue research into the dark form they recovered there. New friends from outside the Dominion will also join in and help solve the mystery of the Omnium reactor in Infinity Clock. This is because the group will need all the help possible, a once famous swordsman throughout the Dominion Guard has become a cruel and vile being because diving into a forbidden power and bathed in a state of madness will act as a super boss in this update.

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