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Toyota doesn’t give up on the combustion engine! Why?



Toyota is an extremely curious name in the automotive world, because it was one of the first brands to invest in electrification with its mythical Prius, however, in truth, it never had great faith in the world of 100% electric cars based on a giant battery. , complex, heavy and not long-lasting. Which actually makes some sense, given that Toyota is a manufacturer that made a name for itself with performance, design, but also with the longevity of its products.

Toyota prefers to be the trusted brand, rather than the brand known for chasing market trends. This is exactly why it continues to invest in alternative technologies such as hydrogen, as well as synthetic fuels, at the same time that it also develops and launches 100% electric cars, and of course, continues to invest in increasingly efficient hybrid engines.

Interestingly, Toyota’s focus on the high-performance combustion engine is still very much alive, with the brand publicly stating that a sports car is a combustion car, but not necessarily based on diesel or gasoline.

The solution for viable combustion engines in the future? Hydrogen!

Apparently, Toyota’s GR (Gazoo Racing) performance department has the ultimate goal of using hydrogen as a fuel for its future sports models with combustion engines.

In fact, this type of solution is not used immediately due to the lack of solutions and the great deficiency in the infrastructure that exists around hydrogen.

Toyota’s GR division has 4 different models!

With a history linked to motorsport, Toyota’s GR department currently has four models at its disposal, all of them powered solely by a gasoline engine.

We are talking about Toyota GR SupraO GR86the famous and outstanding GT Yaris and still the GR Corolla which is only available in the US.

A curious fact is that the first 100% electric sports Toyota GR has already been revealed. But still only as an FT-Se concept car. Without the company setting a deadline for the arrival of this model and without demonstrating any plan to discontinue its gasoline sports cars.

In fact, even Masahito Watanabe, manager of GR, has already informed that total electrification is not at all a priority for this Toyota sub-brand.

Toyota hydrogen

The objective is to provide maximum choices to consumers!

We are here talking about guaranteeing a wide range that will include 15 electric cars in 2026. At the same time, Toyota will maintain strong support in hybrid technology. At the same time, it maintains pure combustion sports offerings, complying with the regulations of each region.

In short, the potential of hydrogen is enormous and plays an important role in Toyota’s future strategy. However, there is still a common problem in many countries, we are talking about the insufficient infrastructure available. Something that also initially happened with the structure necessary for electric cars and which has now been updated more.

Furthermore, what do you think of pure combustion engines? Do you still feel that sports cars of this type have a future? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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