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Trailer reveals April premiere of Date A Live V



With this trailer the Kadokawa revealed that Date A Live Vthe 5th season of the anime series adaptation of the novel in Koushi Tachibanawill debut in April 2024. In the video we can hear the opening theme “Paradoxes” by Miyu Tomita.

Date A Live V will have 12 episodes and its ending theme is “Hitohira” by sweet ARMS. Below is a promotional image.

Date A Live V anime main visual

In Date A Live V will find Aya Endo as Mio Takamiya, a beautiful young woman who has a mysterious existence. She has a connection to Shido’s past.

The animation is from the studio Geek Toys (Date A Bullet, Plunderer). The direction is Jun Nakagawa (Date A Bullet, High School Fleet), the script is by Fumihiko Shimo (Talentless Nana, Myriad Colors Phantom World), the character design is by Naoto Nakamura (High School Fleet, The Price of Smiles) and the music is the responsibility of Go Sakabe.

The franchise is one of those cases where each season was produced by a different studio, with the first three seasons being produced by the same studios. AIC PLUS+, Production IMS It is JCSTAFFrespectively.

In the list we find:

  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shido Itsuka
  • Marina Inoue as Tohka Yatogami
  • Misuzu Togashi as Tobiichi Origami
  • Ayana Taketatsu as Kotori Itsuka
  • Iori Nomizu as Yoshino
  • Asami Sanada as Kurumi Tokisaki
  • Maaya Uchida as Kaguya Yamai
  • Sarah Emi Bridcut as Yuzuru Yamai
  • Minori Chihara as Miku Izayoi
  • Ayumi Mano as Natsumi

Koushi Tachibana It is Tsunako published the novel through Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko between March 2011 and March 2020, with a total of 22 volumes.

Synopsis of Date A Live

Thirty years ago, a strange phenomenon called the Space Earthquake devastated the center of Eurasia, taking the lives of more than 150 million people. Since then, smaller space earthquakes have manifested around the world.

Shidou Itsuka, a seemingly normal high school student meets a girl at the epicenter of a space earthquake. He is informed by his sister Kotori that this girl is one of the spirits that, when appearing in the world, are the cause of these space earthquakes. He also discovers that his sister is the captain of the ship Ratatoskr. She recruits him to use his mysterious ability to seal the powers of spirits. To prevent them from becoming a threat to humanity. However, there is a downside. To seal a Spirit’s powers, Shidou must make him fall in love with him.

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