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Ubisoft is investigating possible new computer attack



A Ubisoft is investigating a possible new computer attack after images and internal company software were discovered online. This comes after security research group VX-Underground share screenshots of what appear to be the company’s internal services Ubisoft.

We can read on Twitter:

December 20, an unknown threat actor compromised Ubisoft. The individual had access for about 48 hours until management realized something was wrong and access was revoked.

They intended to remove around 900 GB of data, but lost access.

In statements to BleepingComputerThe Ubisoft stated:

We are aware of an alleged data security incident and are investigating. We have no more to share at this time.

As part of this alleged breach, the threat actor claimed that he gained access to the Ubisoft SharePoint server, Microsoft Teams, Confluence and MongoDB Atlas dashboard, sharing screenshots of his access to some of these services.

The author of the computer attack stated to the vx-underground who tried to steal player data from Rainbow 6 Siegebut were detected and lost access before they could do so.

A Ubisoft was the target of computer attacks in:

  • 2020: Egregor ransomware group that put parts of the Watch Dogs game source code online
  • 2022: Security breach that affected your games, systems and services.
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