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Unwanted noise from car tires? These are the reasons!



The last thing vehicle owners want to hear when they’re on the road is any kind of unwanted noise coming from their car. This comes from the tires or elsewhere. And that’s why when people start to notice a knocking sound coming from their tires, you can bet that the unwanted noise that’s flooding your ears is more than just an annoyance. It should be seen as a warning sign that something is wrong.

Unwanted noise from car tires? These are the reasons!

Identifying the source of tire-related noise is not as easy as it seems. The fact that you know where it comes from does not necessarily indicate what is causing it to happen. The characteristic noise from tires could very well be a strong indication of several problems. They range from minor inconveniences to serious dangers that will only lead to more problems in the future. While each potential cause has its own set of implications and necessary actions, figuring out the source of a knocking noise can vary. Therefore, vehicle owners must recognize and respond to these auditory signals.

noise in the car, align the car's steering

Regardless of whether the culprit is the tie rod, the suspension system or one of the wheels, understanding the meaning of these tire-related knocking noises is about much more than just practicing responsible car maintenance habits. It’s actually about maintaining the longevity of a person’s main means of transportation. Most importantly, keep everyone in the vehicle safe at all times.

When tires are to blame

A knocking noise while driving is most often a telltale sign of a problem directly related to your tires. A common reason is tire imbalance. Therefore, the distribution of weight around the tire is uneven. This leads to erratic rotation and a noticeable thump with each turn of the wheel. Another potential problem could be uneven tire wear. It often results from incorrect alignment. Not only does it produce a knocking sound, it also affects vehicle handling and fuel efficiency.

Fell into a hole

It is also possible that under- or over-inflated or incorrectly inflated tires could be primarily responsible for this problem, which is why properly inflating and regularly checking tire pressure not only ensures a smooth and safe drive, but also prolongs the useful life of your tires.

Problems may also arise caused by bulges, blisters or deep cuts, defects commonly known for compromising the tire’s structure, causing irregular movements and sound vibrations. Debris or foreign objects embedded in the tires, such as nails or stones, could very well be the cause of the calamity, as they tend to create an uneven surface on the tire tread.

Whatever the cause, making every effort to ensure that these tire-related dilemmas are promptly rectified is crucial not only to eliminate the noise, but also to ensure safety and optimal vehicle performance. It is also recommended that consumers replace their tires every six years. But although they are often the culprits, the wheels, surprisingly, are not the only suspects in this case.

Other causes of noise

When people hear a tire knocking noise while driving, it can sometimes be attributed to problems with the tie rod, which allows the wheels to turn by transmitting force applied from the steering center linkage or rack to the knuckle. of the direction. A problem with this component can manifest itself as a knocking or knocking sound, which becomes particularly noticeable when turning the vehicle. Tie rods can become worn out from regular use, or can easily become damaged due to exposure to road hazards such as potholes or curb hits.

knocking sound in car

Constantly testing the strength of the central piece can lead to looseness in the tie rod joints. This results in drivers being unable to avoid unwanted sound due to excessive movement. With all this information in mind, it is very evident that identifying and resolving tie rod issues is critical as they play a vital role in the overall safety of the vehicle. But they are not the only ones suspected of making tire-related noises.

It’s no secret that the suspension system plays a vital role in tire stability and vehicle comfort. Issues such as worn or damaged shock absorbers can lead to uneven contact with the road and cause abrupt noises. Especially when driving over uneven surfaces or speed bumps.

Regular inspections and proper maintenance of the suspension system are essential to avoid these ordeals, ensuring a smooth, safe and noise-free driving experience.

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