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Washing machine hides a secret compartment! And yours?



Washing machines can make our lives easier as they keep our clothes clean and smelling fresh. However, we must not forget that household appliances also require their own maintenance. This is so that they stay clean and function as they should. Although cleaning the inside of the machine can be a tiring task, not doing so can result in some runaway side effects as one TikTok user discovered. In fact, many people are unaware that some washing machines hide a secret compartment.

Washing machine: have you discovered this secret compartment?

The TikToker Jessie Marie his jaw dropped when he discovered a hidden compartment that turned out to be really scary. However, several people admitted that they did not know of its existence.

Several people commented on the video in which she revealed this compartment and demonstrated what the inside was like.

After seeing someone take apart their washing machine on the popular video streaming service, Jessie tried to do the same.

So inside the washing drum, the TikToker pulled a plastic handle, which seemed easy to remove.

It was at that time that he got a big scare. is that the state of the interior is truly frightening.

After removing this part of the washing machine, he discovered dirt and more dirt underneath, which left many users surprised.

This video has received thousands of views and the case is no wonder.

However, one thing needs to be taken into account. Apparently it is not possible to remove this part to clean in all models. So if you try to remove it, do it carefully. Otherwise, you could end up in trouble. Just try it out if it works.


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This is why it is important to maintain your washing machine well.

However, while we are talking about cleaning, there is something else you can do to get rid of bacteria and odors.

The washing machine is the ideal place for bacteria to grow. This is due to its normally humid environment. To try to combat this and especially the mold that accumulates in some cases, people use bleach. However, this is a mistake that should be avoided.

ice dryer, washing machine smells

That said, instead of looking for harsh chemicals like bleach, which could even damage your machine, there is a simple solution that may already be in your cupboard: white vinegar.

So put the equivalent of a glass of white vinegar in the dishwasher drawer and activate a quick washing program. This will work wonders!

But the White Vinegar that can be purchased at any commercial store is not only useful for this. In fact, many people have no idea that it is actually a very effective product.

Therefore, it is also useful for the dishwasher, carpets, bathroom, blocked pipes, windows, stubborn stains and mold.

Meanwhile, returning to the washing machine, this process with white vinegar must be repeated once a month. Maximum every 6 weeks.

This way you will see that bad smells are a thing of the past. Another important tip is to leave the washing machine lid open. This is when you are not using it, of course.

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