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Volkswagen ID.2 – Affordable 100% electric revolution has arrived!



Despite some difficulties in recent years, the Volkswagen Group has been significantly changing the way it develops and launches cars, especially after the famous case of Dieselgate, by offering alternatives capable of bringing immense technological innovations, power, autonomy, as well as safety. , almost always very focused on the new electric world.

However, all of this comes with a very serious problem… These proposals are almost always too expensive for the pockets of the most common driver.

For this reason, as you can imagine, the objective of any large automobile manufacturer is to develop a 100% electric car that is interesting in the list of specifications, and of course, accessible to the masses in terms of financial effort. Interestingly, VW is the one that seems to be closest to the goal!

Therefore, with the aim of reaching the market below €20,000~25,000, get to know the Volkswagen ID.2 up close!

The production variant has already reached the most attentive cameras with the concept car ID.2all. In reality, this car marks the beginning of the new generation Volkswagen project, or rather, the creation and launch of electric vehicles potentially under 20,000 euros. However, for now, the value has already risen to a maximum of 25,000 euros.

“For now” because with strong rivals such as the Peugeot e-208, the Corsa Electric and the Renault 5 EV, everything can still change, with prices becoming much more competitive before the first models are available on the market itself.

Volkswagen ID.2 – What will change?

Well, to achieve an affordable price, VW will have to adapt some of the technologies available and within its reach. We are talking about using the famous MEB platform with some modifications focused on “savings”.

So, unlike its brothers, which range from the ID.3 family to the rear-wheel-drive Skoda Enyaq, we have a big change with the use of front-wheel drive, as well as the use of a “more basic” suspension on the rear axle thanks to the use of torsion bar.

In short, according to Volkswagen this will increase the practicality of the model while keeping costs under control! The idea is to offer a car for everyone!

As for details…

Although the production date is still far away, we already have some numbers at our disposal. Since your power of 223 hpenough according to the company, to accelerate 0-100km/h in only 7 seconds. This takes advantage of two packs of battery different with 38 and 56 kWh respectively.

In the field of autonomy, a maximum of 450km with the highest capacity pack available, capable of going from 10 to 80% in just 20 minutes if using the power of maximum charging of 125kW.

In terms of design, the truth is that its body lines feature quite a few different models. In a characteristic mix that goes from the famous beetle, to the Polo, passing through the Golf, and ending up also passing through a bit of the Passat. All this with a sporty look in the mix.

Interestingly, this new offering is far from the already common design of the ID.3, ID.4 family and beyond and despite being shorter than the current Polo, its front and rear wheelbase is 5 cm longer.

VW ID.2 accessible and smart interior!

Going inside, the truth is that we have a mix of opinions here, from a minimalist look to a more technological and sophisticated look. However, the truth is that it even surpasses some of its more expensive brothers, if it reaches the market in the final version.

We are talking about the implementation of a 10.9-inch screen for the driver to see all the necessary information and a 12.9-inch screen for the infotainment system. An offer that easily impresses even among other models from the company itself.

What is even more impressive is the milestone that the VW ID.2all concept car confirmed. The arrival of physical buttons!

In short, Volkswagen took a step back and for the better with the reintroduction of easy-to-use and accessible physical buttons, unlike its implementation of touch buttons, which many drivers considered unintuitive and even “dangerous when driving”.

Furthermore, what do you think about the new ID.2all? Share with us whether a 100% quality electric car at €25,000 is enough to convince you in the comments below.


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