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Volkswagen returns to physical buttons for new cars! Why?



The constant evolution of new technologies is bringing great and interesting news to the automotive market almost every year, in all generations of new vehicles. However, just as not everything glitters is gold, not all technological developments are beneficial for normal day-to-day use, despite them looking good on paper.

Want an example? Well, the inclusion of touch buttons has not been well received in the automotive market, and Volkswagen is the one that has received the most criticism in this regard.

This is exactly why these buttons will no longer exist in the group’s cars.

New VW ID2 concept car demonstrates the future for the company’s models!

Therefore, the VW ID.2, which is essentially the basis for an electric future superior to the current one for the VW group, reintroduces physical buttons and controls for everyone.

Darius Watola, VW interior designer, said publicly:

“This is a new approach for all models in the group”

As such, a necessary turnaround due to unpopular feedback among customers.

Our experience!

Know that the Volkswagen VW ID.3 was one of VW’s first vehicles, and it was also our first experience with the change from physical buttons to touch buttons.

A technology that we immediately found strange, and that was never able to conquer us. Because in some cheaper models, in addition to the presence of touch buttons, VW also chose to reduce the number of buttons in its cars, to include more (hidden) controls in the entertainment system.

A real danger when driving! In short, everything changed for the worse.

Our opinion?

Well, in short, the same as the vast majority of buyers… The touch buttons do not offer tactile feedback, and tend to not have the same responsiveness. In fact, there is even the idea that the touch buttons on the steering wheel and the entertainment system on the center console try to do too much, and end up doing less.

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In short, new technologies are not always beneficial in all cars and in the case of touch buttons it has been a constant. Countless manufacturers try to do their best, but in reality they end up trying too hard and offering something that is much worse than the “simple” physical buttons on the steering wheel or on any entertainment system.

Also, what do you think about touch buttons? Share your opinion with us about the return of physical buttons in the comments below.

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