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Want an action series to watch on Netflix? Don’t miss this new one!



As happens every week, Netflix launched new, simply incredible projects that are sure to delight fans. Mainly because we have some action projects on the table that are usually the most successful around the world.

However, the truth is that there are always some that stand out more than others. And since this time could not be any different, we have a new series called “The Peace of Marseille” that has already won over a number of people. But will it win you over?

What films will you watch this week in Portuguese cinemas? These are!

Want an action series to watch on Netflix? Don’t miss this new one!

Therefore, as you can probably already understand, “Peace of Marseille” is a French series with a brutal story, essentially focusing on a cruel drug trafficker who tries to control the Marseille underworld at all costs. And in a police captain who receives a recruit with very own goals… put an end to the clowning! But will she be able to comply and emerge unscathed?

When it comes to the cast, there are no well-known names. Still, know that you can count on some actors and actresses such as Tewfik Jallab, Jeanne Goursaud, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Olivier Barthelemy and even Lani Sogoyou. Everyone is very competent and will be able to bring this project to a successful conclusion. But let’s wait and see what happens and how the next few days go on the platform.

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In short, action films and series are one of the most successful things on Netflix. The general public loves it and these projects usually remain in the top 10 most viewed for weeks on end and in several different countries. But will “The Peace of Marseille” be able to follow in the same footsteps as others of the same genre?

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