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Watch the first 12 minutes of the Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 2 compilation film here



A Emotion Label posted online the first 12 minutes of Kōkaku Kidōtai SAC_2045 Saigo no Ningen (Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 The Last Human), the compilation film for the second season of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045.

The film premiered on November 23 in 30 theaters across Japan for a limited period of three weeks.

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 The Last Human visual

The first season of 12 episodes was broadcast on Netflix worldwide in April 2020 and then the 12-episode second season premiered in May 2022.

The first season compilation film, titled Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable Warhad a two-week limited release in 20 theaters in Japan on November 12, 2021. Its Blu-ray was released on May 26, 2023.

The animation is from in collaboration with the Sola Digital Artsthe direction of the 1st season is Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed) directs season 2, the character designs are by Ilya Kushinov (The Wonderland). The music is from Nobuko Toda (Sweetness & Lightning, The case files of Jeweler Richard) and Kazuma Jinnouchi Busou Shinki: Moon Angel). The opening theme will be “Fly with me” by millennium parade.

As for voice actors, Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Ohtsuka, Kōichi Yamadera, Yutaka Nakano, Toru Ohkawa, Takashi Onozuka, Tarô Yamaguchi and Sakiko Tamagawa reprise their respective roles as Motoko Kusanagi, Batou, Togusa, Ishikawa, Saito, Paz, Borma and Tachikoma from the previous anime in the franchise (only Ghost in the Shell Arise had different cast members).

A released anime films in 1995 and 2004 Ghost in the Shell It is Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence as well as in 2002 the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. In 2013, the prequel OVA was released Ghost in the Shell Arise and of course in April 2017 a live-action film adaptation with the participation of Scarlett Johansson.

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