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2023 was an extremely abundant year when it comes to video game releases. If the industry has felt a bit stagnant as numerous postponements due to the Covid-19, we can say with certainty that based on this year’s releases, she is alive and in good health. However, with so many quality games, the hardest part is finding the best of 2023. This is precisely what the always enthusiastic Geoff Keighley will do during the early hours of Thursday to Friday at 00:30 in mainland Portugal and 9:30 pm in Brazil when he takes the stage for the ceremony of The Game Awards 2023. Does The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Will it repeat the feats that the previous adventure achieved in 2017? Will a remake of resident Evil will finally take the long-awaited golden “mug” home, that the Spider-Men will launch their webs to conquer it, that Alan Wake II Are you going to write a new “best seller”? or that Baldur’s Gate III Will it also win over the critics again? One thing is certain, prizes for an endless number of categories, strong emotions and many “World Premieres” will not be missed! Don’t miss the opportunity to win one of 100 Steam Deck OLED 1TB, just by watching the broadcast. This time not even Christopher Judge or the “Orthodox Great Rabbi, Bill Clinton” will be able to help us because there will only be 100 units that will be offered throughout the almost 4-hour show. Unfortunately the competition only extends to Portugal and archipelagos, Brazil is not included in the list of territories.

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