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Watch the second trailer for Dragon Ball Daima



A Toei Animation revealed a new trailer for Dragon Ball Daima during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024. Dragon Ball Daima will premiere in the Fall 2024 anime season and will celebrate 40 years of Dragon Ball.

As we know Son Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball will return to his childhood again in the new series. In the video we can see the young man battling a tribe of demons while eating the most exquisite and exotic dishes in the universe.

It should be noted that Son Goku, having returned to being a child, appears to have lost a large part of his Saiyan powers, as he once again uses his iconic magic staff in fights and we have not yet seen him in a Super Saiyan state.

At the event, the production also revealed the design of this and Krillin, Son Goku’s eternal friend who will also return to his youth.

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