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What is a mid-range smartphone in 2024!?



In case you haven’t noticed, the mid-range of smartphones has changed almost absurdly between the years of the pandemic and the times we live in at the end of the year 2023. Which raises the question… What will it be like in 2024?

Well, we already have some clues!

What is a mid-range smartphone in 2024!?

Therefore, as we have said several times over the last few months, the mid-range in the world of smartphones has changed in a simply incredible way. A smartphone that would previously cost around €200~€300 is now over €500, but that doesn’t mean it offers a level of performance worthy of this price increase.

Yes, it’s true that mid-range devices now have a higher build quality, and even more eye-catching designs.


However, in what really matters, which is day-to-day performance, with special attention to the ability to capture images through the rear camera module, things have more or less stood still in time.

In fact, just look at the specifications of the always very interesting Redmi, RealMe, POCO, etc… To realize that little or nothing has changed, which is probably largely due to the consequences that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the chip production side. .

But, it wasn’t just here that things changed… The consumer is more demanding today! Interestingly, I also have more desire to spend money!

It is undeniable that the consumer is now more demanding, and looks at the smartphone as the most important computing device in their daily lives.

S23 Ultra, Z Flip5

So, instead of opting for a Good and Cheap smartphone, with a shorter life cycle, and with problems in the second year of use, the focus is now more on quality.

This is exactly why the iPhone has grown absurdly in the Global market, and all other Android reference manufacturers are also investing much more in Premium ranges, instead of bringing ‘cheap’ alternatives to the shelves.

That focus is also slowly making its way into the mid-range.

What does all this mean? Well, the mid-range has changed and will change more in the coming months!

Manufacturers have already realized that the “new” mid-range is not at €200, €300, €400, or even €500. Smartphones have become much more expensive in recent years, and nowadays, a top-of-the-range device costs around €1,500. Furthermore, if you want something a little more different or “special”, like a real foldable (Fold), you will have to put at least €2000 on the store counter.

That’s a lot of money! But it is a pricing scheme that also opens up some spaces in the price ranges below €1000!

It was exactly here that Nothing picked up and launched the Phone (2), and apparently we now have new equally interesting proposals such as the ZTE Z60 Ultra ~600~700€), and it is also the new OnePlus 12R, which also should reach around these prices.

This is already “top of the range” masquerading as “mid-range”. Yes, they are more expensive than a mid-range product from the past, but they offer much more performance, better photo capture capacity, and also a more irreverent and interesting design.

We will see many proposals like this over the next year!

The “old” mid-range will also change!

Redmi 13c
Example of a Redmi

In addition to a focus on more expensive devices, but still far from high-end prices, we will also see manufacturers more focused on improving the old €300~500 proposals.

More specifically, we will see Samsung immensely increasing the build quality and performance level of its Galaxy A, especially in the case of the A35 and A55. Something that should also be replicated by Xiaomi with its new Redmi Note for 2024.

Will it be enough? Well, it depends on the price! We’ll have to wait and see.

First of all, share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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