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Did your wireless Internet just fail? Try this!



It’s a situation from which no one is safe. We are resting in our lives when we look at the Windows taskbar and realize that despite having the computer well connected to the Wi-Fi router, we are without Internet. The reasons can be many and varied. However, the good news is that there are also many solutions that can completely solve the problem in just a few minutes. So if your wireless Internet has just failed, try this!

Did your wireless Internet just fail? Try this!

Before we go any further, it’s important to explain what exactly happens on your network when you’re connected to Wi-Fi but don’t have internet.

Wireless devices, such as portable, connect to the router. It is the equipment that handles network connections for the devices you have in your home. Most even have an integrated modem, unless you are using two separate devices. One router just for Internet access and another to distribute the connection.

Wi-Fi Router: Is it on and without Internet?  Solve now!

When you see error messages like Connected, no internet access, it means that your computer is correctly connected to the router, but cannot reach the internet. Conversely, if you see no Internet connection or no connection messages it means that your computer is not properly connected to a router.

Confirm that other devices that cannot connect

Before moving on to the other steps, it is important to determine whether your PC is the only device without an Internet connection. Take it smartphone or another computer that is connected to your Wi-Fi network and see if it is online.

Android 14 smartphones, Wi-Fi Router: is it on and without Internet?  Solve now!

However, on many Android versions, you will see an X icon over the Wi-Fi symbol in your status bar if you cannot access the Internet. iPhone and iPad users go to Settings > Wi-Fi and check if there is a no internet connection message in the network name.

If your computer won’t turn on, but other devices can, it’s probably just your PC’s problem. But if you don’t have internet in others, the problem lies in your network equipment.

Restart your modem and router

Since most network problems involve the modem and/or router, restarting them makes sense. Although some routers offer the option to restart via an interface, we don’t need to do so. Simply unplug both devices and leave them off for a few seconds.

steal wifi, connected to wifi

If you have two devices, first turn on the modem, let it start up and then turn on the router again. Wait a few minutes for them to come back completely. While you’re doing this, confirm that your router and modem are working well.

Disable any VPN

Using a VPN can bring several benefits, but it also adds a layer to your internet connection setup. So you might think you have a problem with your connection to your home network and in reality it could be a problem with your VPN. If you deactivate it you will be able to draw a conclusion.

Wi-Fi Router: Is it on and without Internet?  Solve it now!, Wireless Internet fails

Turn airplane mode on and off

The other simple solution to these network-related issues is to turn Airplane mode on and off. When activated, the Microsoft Windows turns off all radio services, including Wi-Fi. Turning Airplane mode on and off is a good way to refresh all network connections on your PC.

However, using the icons next to the date and time in the bottom right corner, you can access the Quick Settings panel in Windows. Click the Airplane mode button to activate it. Wait a few seconds and then click again to deactivate it.

Windows 11 wifi networks, connected to wifi

Disable and enable the Wi-Fi adapter

The Wi-Fi adapter is an essential component that allows your computer to connect to a network. Sometimes temporary glitches can prevent Windows from detecting a nearby network.

In most cases, disabling and re-enabling your Wi-Fi adapter will resolve any temporary issues.

So use the key combination Win + R. Then type Control and press Enter.

Now in the new window go to Network and Internet and then to Network and Sharing Center.

Then click on the link and choose deactivate.

Wi-Fi Router: Is it on and without Internet?  Solve now!

Then just click Activate again.

Windows 11 comes equipped with several applications that can help resolve common system-level issues. You can use them to fix connectivity issues.

Once you are in the settings, start by writing resolution and choose the resolution of other problems option.

Windows 11 wifi networks, connected to wifi, wireless internet fails

In the new window and next to Internet connections, choose run and check if the problem has been resolved.

Delete the Wireless profile

If Windows 11 doesn’t show one of your saved networks even when it’s in range, it’s likely that the wireless profile for that network is corrupted. To solve the problem, we will delete the profile.

Open Windows search and type command prompt. On the right side choose Run as administrator.

Wireless internet fails

Now run the following command to remove the wireless profile.

netsh wlan delete profile name =NetworkName

Attention: replace NetworkName with the name of your network.

Check if the problem has been resolved.

Update or reinstall Network drivers

This can also be one of the causes for network problems.

So open the device manager.

Next, open the network cards and then right-click on the driver you want to update and choose the Update Driver option.

Wireless internet fails

However, with these tips it is very likely that the problem will be resolved.

Clear DNS

First of all, start by going to the command line. Nothing simpler than writing a command line in the search box. Then on the right side, click Open.

connected to wifi, Wi-Fi Internet Router

Now when the command line is open, write the command ipconfig /flushdns as shown below.

If everything went well you will see a message similar to the one shown below.

connected to wifi, wireless internet fails

Initially you may notice that navigating to familiar sites will take a little longer. This is because all this information will be collected again. However, afterwards the speed should improve.

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