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What we are seeing – December 3, 2023



In short, we talk a little about what we saw and leave the invitation below in the comments to say what they saw and played in the last week.

Bruno Reis

Shangri-La Frontier (09)

After a friend request that shared a mix of comical and bizarre, Shangri-La resorted to an effect that was certainly not strange for fans of RPGs -and not only- when players arrive in a new area they find new items and more powerful enemies. As RPGs are my favorite genre of games, I couldn’t help but feel all the relatable moments. I really felt like Sunraku in the level grind, facing threats that supposedly shouldn’t be conquered at that stage, obtaining rare items, and the enthusiasm of exploring new territories. One thing is certain, the author of Shangri-La unlike many works based on video games, it really understands the heart and conditions of its genre and gaming.

Dr. Stone: New World (21)

Dr. Stone is a work of Shonen Jump very different from the magazine’s different standards not only in terms of writing but also concluded a decisive battle. The mind was much stronger than the sword in this clash between the leaders of each of the factions, as the battle was not through powers but through the exploitation of each of the weaknesses of its participants. The rope metaphor exemplified this element perfectly as Senkuu, Ryuusui and the leader of the new world exchanged insults against each other and only the strength that maintained their humility won. This climax culminates in a very harmonious way when Senkuu discovers that he is no longer alone and that he must trust those who trust him. Let’s see where Dr. Stone it will take us, I believe it will be towards space as it has been Senkuu’s big dream since he was a child.

Science no Jutsu

Jujutsu Kaisen -Second Season- (19)

The production of Jujutsu Kaisen it is possibly one of the most irregular of the modern era. If the previous episode was quite poor in techniques and flow, this week’s was almost like an excuse for everyone involved in the work, as well as for the viewers. This effect was perhaps due to this episode being one of the most anticipated by many and revealing the past of one of the most beloved characters in the work, the foul-mouthed Kugisaki. As the death of one of the characters in the main group wasn’t enough, the way he does it adds even more water to the boil by narrating his earliest childhood through the eyes of his best friend. But don’t think that the deaths stopped there, another extremely important and beloved character is brutally murdered in a very raw and unceremonious way. Sorry for the spoilers, but honestly these deaths, especially Kugisaki’s, are the most brutal for both fans and the work, think about how to remove Sakura Haruno from narutoOrihime from Bleachor Nami from One Piecedefinitely from the work. Attack on Titan it was a series that did the same and had the courage to keep the characters out of it forever and ever. Let’s see if Jujutsu Kaisen has the same courage and does not resort to Dragon Balls or any other mechanism to resurrect those who abandoned Yuji.

Rurouni Kenshin (2023) (22)

Saito Hajime is a character in Rurouni Kenshin quite acidic (not only because Peter Micael lends his voice in the Portuguese version). We never know for sure his motivations and thoughts and this episode of the adventures of the wandering samurai only cemented that fact further. For the first time, an opponent is presented who not only shared his past but also managed to impress fear and danger in his heart, highlighting someone we thought was invincible. This event also spread to all his companions and detailed how Kenshin cannot escape his past, no matter how much he wants to, he doesn’t leave it. Although it was a very warm episode in terms of action, it was frantic due to the rollercoaster of events it demonstrated.

Goblin Slayer II – (09)

Sometimes I find myself thinking that Goblin Slayer It looks more like a comedy anime than anything else. The Orcbolg group uses reverse psychology to hunt a monster that is supposed to be a Goblin, and the way the Goblin Slayer shows his displeasure towards the guild secretary was quite comical, I found myself laughing slightly, because the situation remained faithful to the dimension of the character. Orcbolg just cited “They weren’t Goblins” in every answer. On a slightly more serious tone we had more character development this season, this time the one chosen for this new arc was Sword Maiden, who not only revealed her past but also her influence in this world. Apparently she was previously part of a guild and the fact that she was blind or blindfolded was part of what she saw or experienced. Finally we discover that Orcbolg’s heart of stone is also warm and as he demonstrated it was in a very fraternal way, which leads me to suspect whether the girl from the farm might actually be the protagonist’s sister.


Children are the link that unites a couple forever and when the parents are a super spy or an agile assassin, it is more necessary for a 5-year-old girl to take the stage and save the day! This was the premise of the episode SPY x FAMILY From this week. Anya spared no effort helping her father identify bombs around the Lorelai and helping her mother defeat the last and deadliest assassin on board the ship. The way she did it was most caricatured and extremely comical, an effect that served to soften the too serious tone of the entire episode, because along with the blocks where she discovered Bond, this one was the most frantic and intense. After an explosive climax, we once again had the humanization of Wild Rose, which conditioned her development as a mother.

Frieren: Journey’s End (13)

Frieren continues to grow your group at the same time that wherever you go you find scraps not only of your companions but also of you. When interacting with a charismatic and dreamy priest we discover that he shares a lot with himself and his past, as he was also “recruited” under the same conditions and constraints. The relationship between brothers, although already popular, was quite organic in the context of the work and in the dimension of the new character. Speaking of characters, our elf continues to demonstrate that she is actually quite festive and lively due to her human interactions with her master.

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