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Astro A50 X: Big bet from Logitech! (But €399…)



In case you didn’t know, Astro was absorbed by the giant Logitech a few years ago, and as such, despite maintaining much of its identity, it now has a much more assertive market positioning. It’s almost like a sub-brand that only serves to meet all the needs of the “serious gamer”.

Hence the launch of the new Astro A50 X, absolutely incredible headphones, which take the original formula and try to raise some levels of quality and performance. What has changed? Well, we have major improvements in connectivity, as well as several improvements that go unnoticed, but all together further elevate the experience of using super high-end headphones in the gaming world.

Astro A50 X – Another big bet from Logitech! (But it’s expensive!)

Therefore, over the last decade, the A50 headphones have become almost an icon on the market, because… Well… They were thought and designed by gamers for gamers. As such, from a very early age, they have always met the most basic needs, as well as some more luxurious ones, from this part of the market which, as you may know… is extremely demanding.

What are the needs of a gamer? Simple, lots of battery, incredible performance, and top comfort within its class. It seems little, doesn’t it?

astro a50x

Having said all this, the new A50 X really looks a lot like the old A50, which is counterintuitive. After all, how have things changed if the package is the same? It’s simple, as is increasingly normal in the world of technology, if the design was good, all that changes is the magic that happens there.

This is exactly why we now have new features like PlaySync, which allows the player to connect the same pair of headphones to an Xbox console, a PlayStation console, and also to their PC, all at the same time. To change, you just need to press a single button.

How does all this happen? Via HDMI 2.1 inputs on the base of the headphones. In fact, this is one of the secrets behind successful design. The vast majority of the hardware is inside the base, rather than in the headphones themselves. What is clear is that it allows the shape to be shaped into something extremely comfortable, at the same time that the product appears to have an extremely light weight.

By taking advantage of the HDMI 2.1 standard, we have high quality audio transmission (24-bit), without compromising the video quality of the console or PC. In other words, you can play at 4K 120Hz with HDR, VRR and ALLM at will.

As for audio performance, Logitech promises major improvements through the use of PRO-G GRAPHENE drivers. As audio in gaming also implies quality voice communication, Logitech has improved the microphone to support 16-bit 48kHz, which will give you a voice like… Well… Radio!

When will the Astro A50 X hit the market?

Pre-orders have already started on the Logitech G website, the launch will take place sometime in early 2024, with a price of around €399. It’s not cheap… But it’s pure quality!

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