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GPL is growing. Do you know why? Because it’s cheap!



In case you haven’t noticed yet, the demand for Gas (LPG) vehicles has been growing in an absolutely incredible way in recent years, something that has not escaped the watchful eye of some manufacturers. Especially a very popular one in the Portuguese market, the Renaultboth in own brand cars and also in LPG versions within the Dacia range.

But do you have any idea of ​​the price difference? It’s really something incredible.

GPL is growing. Do you know why? Because it’s cheap!

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Therefore, in an automotive world where Diesel, in addition to becoming more and more expensive, is also beginning to disappear due to the lack of investment on the part of manufacturers, it is necessary to look for an alternative that is reliable, and of course, cheap at the time of acquisition. Are we talking about electric or electrified cars? No! We are actually talking about the old LPG, which has been evolving in a very interesting way over the last few years, and for this reason it is beginning to be a strong focus on the part of several car manufacturers.

In fact, the stakes are so great that in addition to launching some LPG versions in the Dacia range of cars, Renault is also now ready to adopt LPG in its more classic range, such as the Clio. Yes, the latest Renault Clio has an LPG version!

Let’s look at the consumption of this car (Clio), between the Gasoline version and the LPG version?

Well, taking into account the most recent data regarding fuel prices in Portugal, despite the fact that the LPG engine consumes a little more compared to the Gasoline version (6.9L vs 5.3L), which in turn also means a slightly reduced range (460km vs 600km), all of this continues to mean very interesting savings for the driver at the end of a trip, at the end of a month, a year, or at the end of the car’s life cycle.

All this because 1L of LPG for cars costs an average of €0.829, while 1L of 95 Simple Gasoline costs €1.671.

Here it is also worth pointing out that these LPG systems were not assembled by a mechanic in your garage. It is a system developed and tested by Renault, with all safety standards and guarantees involved.

Do you think it’s time to look at LPG as the great alternative to Gasoline and Diesel? Or is this a train you’ll never want to catch?

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