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Attention! Turning off Wi-Fi on your cell phone can be a mistake!



Sometimes we think that when we turn off a certain function on our smartphone it really turns off. However this is not entirely true. For example, in the case of Wi-Fi, even if you turn it off, it doesn’t turn off completely. This is because it is used for other functions, even when it is off. So the truth is that turning off Wi-Fi on your cell phone could be a mistake!

Attention! Turning off Wi-Fi on your cell phone can be a mistake!

Many users, when they don’t need Wi-Fi and want to save some battery, turn off this connection. However this could be a mistake. All because when we do this we are not truly turning off Wi-Fi. This way it continues to be used by other services.

In other words, when Android users simply press the Wi-Fi button to turn it off, this is not necessarily enough for their cell phone to stop searching for Wi-Fi signals.

So to completely turn off this service you have to do something else.

That being said, you have to go to the settings. Then click on location. Then choose Location Services.

Android turn off Wi-Fi, Turn off Wi-Fi on mobile

You will now have an option called Wi-Fi Search. As explained there, when this function is active, applications can use Wi-Fi to detect location, even when Wi-Fi is turned off.

This means that when you turn off Wi-Fi but have this function active, your smartphone continues to constantly send Wi-Fi requests.

So if you want an extra level of privacy and battery savings, also disable Wi-Fi scanning.

However, it is a good idea to do this for research as well. bluetooth. This principle also fits into this form of connectivity.

Like these, there are many other services that are not completely shut down. Even when we deactivate the option.

It’s true that this is yet another extra step when it comes to turning off Wi-Fi. However, it’s worth it.

Do I have to keep turning this search on and off?

Not really. Even if it is turned off, the vast majority of apps that depend on GPS will continue to work well. So if you have no problems with location after disabling this feature, keep it turned off.

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