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Dacia dominates in Portugal. But it’s worth!?



Seeing Dacia cars on Portuguese roads is nothing new for anyone. After all, we are talking about the manufacturer that sells the most in Lusas. However, despite the undeniable fact that this manufacturer is extremely interesting in the way it gained popularity in our market, and in many others, it is undeniable that many drivers still look at Dacia as the brand of “cheap cars”, which do not last long, or that don’t have much to offer.

What is success in Portugal? Well, Dacia is the only car manufacturer capable of coping with the old Portuguese trend of buying a used car at the usual dealerships, or importing a car from Germany. It’s a very Portuguese way of doing things, in order to get a vehicle with more power, more extras, and of course a different status.

It is also a manufacturer that allows us to avoid completely unbalanced prices in our market, which is often associated with a tax system that does not make much sense in 2024.

How is this done? With poor quality? Quite the opposite! After all, if the cars were bad, even if very cheap, Dacia would have already lost many of its customers over the years.

Let’s do it by steps!

Dacia dominates in Portugal. But it’s worth!?

Therefore, to understand Dacia’s success, you need to look a little into the past. More specifically, we have to look at the year 1999, when the Romanian manufacturer DACIA became an integral part of the group RENAULT.

However, despite the fact that 1999 was a key year, it was not here that we began to see a “rebirth” of the brand. Yes, it was in 2005! This was the time when the Logan arrived in Europe, and the Dacia name began to gain new importance in the market.

In fact, despite the fact that Dacia still feels like a novelty, the reality is that the car manufacturer focused on quality-price has already been on the European market for almost 20 years, and since then, it has won over many millions of drivers in our old age. continent.

How do you make a Dacia?

When the first Dacias arrived in Europe, Group Renault decided to opt for a slightly different way of doing things.

The development of new models first took “cost” into consideration, and then everything else. Thus, without compromising safety or comfort, cost optimization has become Group Renault’s watchword for Dacia.


However, after entering the market with price as its flagship, it became imperative to launch new models, capable of meeting the most recent trends in the automotive world, and of course, little by little, improving the entire strategy that was initially focused on price. , to try to elevate the brand to a whole other level.

So, we can easily say that the Dacia of 2024 is not the same Dacia of 2005!

Buying a Dacia in 2024 is buying a car that obviously won’t rival a Premium brand, but that for the asking price, offers comfort, safety, and in fact, several extras that you won’t find in other more expensive vehicles.

After all, in a Duster that costs just over 20 thousand euros, you can find a Bi-Fuel engine (Gasoline + LPG), front and rear parking sensors, front, rear and even side cameras, automatic emergency braking, cruise control , and even wireless Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

I’m very honest, I was impressed with my experience in these recent Dacia car tests.

These are obviously not cars in which there is a risk of being fined for speeding, due to their modest engines. Still, for everyday life, to take the kids to school, to go to the gym, or to go to work? Its amazing!

Is Dacia popular because it’s amazing, or is it just because of the price?

A Dacia car, despite the great evolution in recent years, continues to be a car focused on price, and therefore, comes into our hands with several compromises. What is normal! A Dacia’s mission is not to compete with a higher-end car, coming from a manufacturer with more status, and with more years on the market.

They are in reality, as we said above, cars that normally do not come to the market with large engines, and of course, they also do not stand out for their interior finishes. Therefore, they may even begin to present some parasitic noises over the years, especially if day-to-day use is not exemplary.

However, they are cheap cars, extremely easy and cheap to maintain, and can handle “bad” driving styles quite well. They are quite honestly war cars!

In the meantime, we have 2 Dacia car tests on the way! A Duster and a Jogger, both Bi-Fuel, and in fact, two impressive 4-wheel vehicles for the price the manufacturer asks in Portugal.

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