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Does a washing machine leave stains on clothes? You just have to do this!



Sometimes people complain that the washing machine is not washing properly and they think that this could be due to some fault. However, in most cases it is related to the type of stains that mainly haunt whiter clothes. However, there is a trick that most people don’t know about and that makes all stains disappear, especially on white clothes, although in reality this works on anything. This was discovered and shared by a user on TikTok and the results are really surprising. So let’s look at this amazing trick for when the washing machine leaves stains on your clothes!

Does a washing machine leave stains on clothes? You just have to do this!

The person who discovered this was English influencer who calls herself the queen of hacks and who has more than 640 thousand followers on this social network. In fact, the results are a big surprise and looking at the comments people were really amazed by the final result. Especially when it comes to something so simple.

Tanya says that after doing this we will never wash clothes the same way again. In fact, this trick leaves clothes completely clean and shiny. Furthermore, it removes any stains that may exist. In fact, this is demonstrated step by step in the video she shared on her TikTok.

But what is the trick after all?

In reality it is something very simple. Just grab a white cloth and add a little dish soap. More or less as shown in the image below. In this particular case this influencer used Fairy but in reality it could be anyone.

Stain-free clothes: incredible trick for the washing machine!

Then just place this cloth in the washing machine along with the clothes.

Stain-free clothes: incredible trick for the washing machine!

In fact, the process is very simple, especially looking at the results it gives! Below is the video that demonstrates the entire process.


White Laundry Hack #laundrytok #whitelaundry #cleaninghack #tanyahomeinspo #fyp #lifehack

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However, in response to the video, there are also those who say that they apply the dishwashing detergent directly to the clothes and especially where the stains are. It also even works on clothes in other colors.

Now just a warning. As you can see in the video, you only add a little detergent. It’s not worth overdoing it so as not to end up with a washing machine full of suds.

But what is the best quantity?

Experts recommend using one tablespoon of detergent for a small load of laundry and no more than three tablespoons for a large load of laundry.

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