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Do you often hear the sound of explosions at night? This is why!



It is not something new, since in 2007 Correio da Manhã itself had already reported on the case. However, it is a fashion that is back and is scaring people all over the country. In fact, it is enough to visit some groups from different regions to have people scared by the noise of explosions at night. But do you know what the reason is?

Do you often hear the sound of explosions at night? This is why!

The noise is very similar to the explosion of a bomb and in fact it is one but made by hand. It is a bomb made at home using muriatic acid and aluminum foil. This causes a big explosion and also a lot of smoke.

This is exactly what has been happening in the Carnaxide region, Oeiras council, but also in other areas of the country.

It is very easy to get the materials

Muriatic acid is very easy to purchase. In fact, any store like Leroy Merlim, Continente, or Jumbo, among others, sells it at a cost of 2 Euros per liter bottle. Aluminum foil is even easier.

Muriatic acid is the least pure form of hydrochloric acid, which is yellowish in color and has an intense smell. It is available over the counter and is used to remove limescale stains, cement residue and rust on ceramic floors and to remove dirt from slate floors. Used to unclog toilets like refers the CM.

A fashion that is not new

In 2007, a group of young people from Lisbon launched terror in Celorico da Beira due to this very reason, having exploded these bombs next to a cafe and a petrol station.

Normally the noise is louder than when a truck tire bursts.

There has also been talk on Reddit about this issue, which previously led to intervention by the authorities.

In the case of Oeiras, the explosions have normally always occurred at the same time, around one in the morning.

These types of things become easy to do because there are several videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to make these acid bombs quickly and quickly.

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