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Emotional film about to premiere on Netflix! Gonna cry!



We are in the long-awaited time of year, Christmas. And with it we also have all the engaging parties, the lights, the songs, the series and of course, the films. The latter, one of the biggest bane of most people who love a good evening in front of the television and in the comfort of their blankets. This year, we have fantastic films about to premiere on Netflix that will certainly delight everyone.

Therefore, we have some hypotheses on the table but we decided to give the spotlight to one in particular called “Thank you, sorry”. A film from Sweden that is not directly related to Christmas, shows us everything we should have at this time of year. Compassion, companionship and above all love for others. But let’s get to the point.

Therefore, this Netflix film centers its story on a woman named Sara who, unfortunately, will spend the final stretch of her pregnancy completely alone. Or rather, she would pass alone. This is because, unexpectedly, she receives help from Linda. Her sister with whom she has a distant relationship. In other words, is this the perfect opportunity to create deeper bonds?

When it comes to casting, we have to tell you that the most likely thing is that you won’t know anyone, since the actors are not well known throughout Europe. However, you can still count on names like Sanna Sundqvist, Chalotta Bjorck and even La Langhammer.

emotional film

In short, this new emotional film has a release date scheduled for December 26th. In other words, just one day after Christmas. Which means it could be the perfect premiere to watch with your family.

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