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Has your TV remote stopped working? Solve it like this!



Your TV remote is a simple but powerful device. Without it, simple tasks like changing channels would become a chore. Can you imagine how stressful it would be to have to get up from the couch every time you wanted to take a break from the movie? However, as simple as they are, they are not immune to breakdowns that cause them to malfunction or stop working altogether. Remote control malfunctions are always happening, but some problems are more common than others. So if your TV remote has stopped working, do this.

Has your TV remote stopped working? Solve it like this!

Buttons stop responding

Everything has a life expectancy, and controllers are no exception. Older controls are more likely to have the problem of one or more buttons not working. This may be caused by prolonged use, incorrect use or damage.

Failure or damage of internal components

Like other electronic devices, remote controls have internal components that help them function, just like a computer’s motherboard. If a part of this internal system becomes damaged, it may impair the remote control’s ability to function.

Battery problems

This is one of the most common problems that remote controls face. A set of stacks weak or discharged may impair the performance of the remote control. This problem is more likely with frequently used remote controls, such as a television remote control.

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Interference from other devices, objects or furniture

Has your phone ever accidentally paired with a random device whose Bluetooth was on at the same time as yours? Sometimes the remote may not work because another device interferes with the signal.

Another possibility is that a piece of furniture is obstructing the signal between the remote and the corresponding device.

The remote codes do not match the device

Some commands are universal and can control multiple devices from different brands. You can use these universal remotes if you program them by selecting a code that matches your device.

However, if you select the wrong code for your device, it will not respond to remote control commands.

Wrong remote control

Many electronic and electrical devices are controlled by remote controls, which means you can have more than one in your home. If you have a preferred brand, most of your controls may be similar, which means you point the wrong one at the TV.

How to solve problems

Check the batteries

Battery problems are, without a doubt, the most common problems you encounter with your remote control. Fortunately, solving them is very easy.

Firstly, check that the batteries are inserted correctly. Most remote controls have a removable cover positioned on the back to store the batteries and usually have instructions placed in the battery slot. For example, you can have ‘+’ and ‘-‘, and you must place the stacks by matching the symbols exactly as they are on the stack.

Also, check to see if the batteries should be replaced – they should be replaced if they are leaking or corroded.

Remove interference and adjust distance

If more than one device responds to your remote control, it is helpful to keep those devices away from each other. Alternatively, you can turn off devices when they are not in use. Also, ensure that there is a direct line of sight between the remote control and the device within a short distance.

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Clean the buttons

The remote control buttons work with sensors, and particles such as dust and dirt can prevent these sensors from working. To avoid this situation, it is useful to regularly clean the remote control buttons. A dry cloth is sufficient for this purpose.

Try different angles

While this may seem like a funny suggestion, you would be surprised how many times it has proven effective. Depending on your home’s configuration, you may be pointing the remote too high or too low for it to communicate with your device.

In these cases, changing the angle at which you point the remote control helps.

Reprogram the remote control

If you use a universal remote control, you may be using the wrong code set. Using the user manual, reprogram the remote control by selecting the code that corresponds to the device you want to use.

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Reset the remote control

Sometimes the reason why the remote control is not working is due to errors that occurred in the setup process. An easy way to resolve this issue is to restart it.

However, there are several ways to reset a remote control, depending on the brand used. The most common ways include turning the device off and on, removing the batteries and long pressing the power button.

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