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Focus on AI? This implies UPGRADES! Leak



Anyone who buys a high-end smartphone to last for many years, or is always switching to low-range or mid-range smartphones, has different concerns, and analyzes the list of specifications a little differently. There are those who give more weight to the battery, the amount of RAM, or the image quality of the OLED screen present in that model.

But, one thing is certain, as in 2024 we will see a huge focus on Artificial Intelligence, we will also be forced to look at this same list a little differently.

In fact, the manufacturers themselves will have to change the way they equip their smartphones, more specifically in terms of RAM memory, and of course, internal storage.

In short, you can now say goodbye to the 128GB of storage and 6GB or 8GB of RAM.

Smartphones in 2024: Focus is on AI, but also on RAM and Storage!

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Therefore, as we said a few weeks ago, in 2024 we will see a very large evolutionary leap in the software that powers our smartphones, which of course also requires an evolutionary leap in its technical capabilities.

Especially in two components that are already critical in themselves… RAM memory and internal storage.

To get an idea of ​​what will change, Samsung itself is developing a new version of UFS 4.0 storage chips optimized for AI. Furthermore, Apple, which hates offering too much memory or too much storage space, is also planning to increase both in the next generation of iPhone 16 smartphones.

It seems strange, but this could be what separates the wheat from the chaff in the world of smartphones in 2024. Do you have a lot of RAM and storage capacity? You’re safe! Otherwise… You’ll have to change your smartphone if you want to join the AI ​​madness!

In fact, we have some analysts saying that any high-end smartphone with some focus on AI will have to hit the market with 12GB of RAM.

A curious number, because the standard in the Android world remains fixed at 8GB. Interestingly, Apple itself only now reached 8GB in 2023 with the iPhone 15 Pro models. However, in the field of storage, it is expected that the algorithms responsible for various AI operations need at least 15% of the smartphone’s local data storage.

On a smartphone with 256GB, as is the case with the vast majority of high-end models launched in 2023, this would mean 40GB on the side. 40GB 100% reserved for algorithms and language models.

In short, had you already thought about this when you bought your smartphone? Or did you think you were safe with 128GB of storage space and 8GB of RAM? Share with us your opinion and experience in the comments box below.

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