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Omega Crafter will receive an open beta session until December 17th



A Preferred Networks announced during a broadcast on INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023 which will open an open beta test session for the game Omega Crafter which will be available for the PRAÇA (Steam) until December 17th.

Omega Crafter is being developed as an indie title by a small team at Preferred Networks (PFN)a Tokyo-based technology startup best known for AI and supercomputers, and is scheduled to launch in fiscal 2023. The main feature of Omega Crafter These are friendly programmable helpers called Grammi, who can automate your in-game tasks – no programming skills required!

New in the Beta version: Two biomes and multiplayer mode

Users of Steam who joined the alpha test in May they were only able to play one biome in single player mode. The beta version will include two biomes and will support single-player and multiplayer modes with an improved user interface and customizable characters.

New locations and dungeons were also added, and battles were more exciting and challenging than in the alpha version. Beta players will be able to enjoy a wide variety of decorations and build tall structures, and build large cities using multiplayer modes and command shortcuts

Programming for fun… without programming knowledge

Omega Crafter allows players to enjoy in-game task automation – the best part of open-world crafting games! Omega Crafter does not require programming knowledge, as it helps players with easy-to-use block-based visual programming, where users simply combine blocks with everyday phrases such as “pick up”, “attack __” and “loop”. Players’ Grammi will automatically perform programmed tasks and help them search for materials, create objects and build structures efficiently. The beta version newly support four basic arithmetic operations and string variables.

The game is designed in such a way that any player, regardless of their programming experience, can experience the fun of automating their in-game tasks. The title is also recommended for anyone who wants to start learning to program.

Omega Crafter is being developed to PRAÇA (Steam). No release dates have yet been announced.

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