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It’s official! Season 4 of The Boys arrives in 2024!



We are almost in 2024 and it turns out to be completely normal that we are already thinking about what we will receive in terms of series and films next year. After all, Streaming platforms are booming and will definitely want to launch the best projects in order to achieve greater success and, of course, users. The ones who stand to gain from all this are essentially us.

Therefore, and without devaluing the other projects, we have one in particular that fills our hearts in an incredible way. In other words, none other than The Boys. A series that we’re eagerly awaiting given the incredible content we’ve already seen released. But what exactly can we expect from here and what did the new trailer reveal to us?

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It’s official! Season 4 of The Boys arrives in 2024!

Therefore, as expected, in this fourth season we will find the world on the brink of disaster. After all, if you remember how the third season ended, Victoria Neuman is very close to finally getting what she wants, reaching the oval office and having Homelander’s power at her disposal. Butcher only has six months to live, and has lost both his place as leader of The Boys and Becca’s son.

That said, it will be necessary to work together in order to take down the bad guys. The problem is that things are never what they seem and we have twists and turns left and right. In other words, it seems that the new season will simply be frantic.

4th season The Boys

In short, in terms of release date, there is still nothing concrete revealed for the 4th season of The Boys. We only know that it will debut in 2024 and that it should only be around the middle of the year. But let’s wait and see what happens.

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