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iPad Pro will be more expensive, but it won’t be exaggerated!



In the same way that there was much talk about a price increase in the iPhone before its launch, several rumors and leaks point to a significant increase in price on the iPad Pro side, now that it will finally welcome an OLED screen.

However, it seems that despite the fact that this increase is a near certainty, the reality is that it will not be the exaggeration that many think.

iPad Pro will be more expensive, but it won’t be exaggerated!

new iPads 2024

So, in case you didn’t know, Apple is planning major updates for the iPad Pro range during this new year. So, in addition to a redesigned body, probably with titanium in the mix, it is expected that the time has also come to welcome OLED screens, as well as the new M3 SoCs.

This is exactly why many experts pointed to an iPad Pro capable of reaching the price of the MacBook Pro M3 with 1TB of internal storage. What wouldn’t be… Very appealing to consumers with more limited budgets.

However, it appears that these rumors were exaggerated. In other words, at most, we will find an increase in prices between €150 and €200. This is instead of the expected €400 more for both the smaller and larger models.

However, in addition to the redesign, the new iPad is expected to offer more reliable and vivid colors, deeper blacks, as well as greater battery life! All thanks to the 3nm SoC as well as OLED integration.

As for the launch, it should happen in March.

First of all, what do you think about all this? Is the price increase an exaggeration? Especially when the iPad Pro is already too expensive a tablet for the vast majority of users? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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