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It’s the end! Mini Clubman went out of production after 17 years!



2007 was the official year in which the iconic Mini Clubman arrived on the market for the first time. Thus marking a historic moment for the brand, which presented buyers with a “mini” van, several hatchback style lines mixed in, as well as the new redesigned vertically divided rear door.

Time passes quickly! The Clubman came to the end of its production 17 years later!

Therefore, the Mini Clubman leaves the range of offers from these manufacturers to make way for another Mini that directly replaces it. Called the Mini Aceman, as you can imagine, this is the company’s new 100% electric offering for the automotive world.

Clubman production factory is located in Plant Oxford!

Therefore, now with the end of its production, Mini wants to make room for the new Aceman crossover and even new versions of the Mini Cooper. However, the new Cooper can still be purchased in gasoline versions in three-door, five-door and even convertible variants.

Still, it’s worth highlighting plans that point to 2030 as the year in which this same factory at Plant Oxford will switch its production to only 100% electric models. In a brutal investment combined with BMW that exceeds 600 million euros.

In short, during its almost 20 years on the market, the Mini Clubman has had a wide variety of engines available. They range from the 1.4 L gasoline engine to the 2.0 L diesel engine. With an array of manual and automatic gearboxes that even received updates during its life.

However, the truth is that like many other companies, Mini is betting big and ugly on electrification and is bringing with it a series of victims. With companies ending the production of certain models in order to move forward in the world of electric cars.

Furthermore, what do you think about the end of the Mini Clubman? Share with us your opinion about manufacturers’ serious commitment to 100% electric in the comments below.

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