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Weekend at home? This is the top 10 most watched on Netflix!



Bearing in mind that many people are now on a long weekend and have absolutely nothing to do other than go Christmas shopping. (But we all know how Portuguese works… Only buy 2 or 3 days in advance!)

We decided to research in depth and found a list of the 10 projects that are most popular right now here in Portugal on Netflix. In other words, we found the top of the most viewed projects of the week in our country. But instead of being separated between films and series, we have one that covers everything and gives us an account of the most successful projects they are having.

Therefore, we have films and series that have been released recently, but also projects that have been here for some time. So, in terms of styles, we have several things about Christmas, but that’s not all this list is about. So, let’s find out what’s coming.

Weekend at home? This is the top 10 most watched on Netflix!

Therefore, we have many animated films that people love to watch at this time of year, but also projects with some suspense and even romances. That is, no matter how weird your taste is. We think it’s almost impossible not to like these films and series.

  1. Family Exchange – Film released in 2023
  2. The Croods: A New Age – film released in 2020
  3. Squid Game: The Challenge – Series released in 2023
  4. LEO – Film released in 2023
  5. The Last Call to Istanbul – Film released in 2023
  6. Surgeon of Evil – Series released in 2023
  7. Fast and Furious 9 – Film released in 2021
  8. An Almost Normal Family – Series released in 2023
  9. Crisis -Film released in 2021
  10. Total Annihilation – Film released in 2023

top 10 most watched Netflix

In short, if you happen to have nothing to do, you are at home just existing. Here are the top 10 that are the most watched on Netflix at the moment. Projects that are booming in a brutal way and that could really be your hobby for this weekend.

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