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Leak points to a very powerful Playstation 5 Pro launching in 2024



PlayStation 5 Digital press

A PlayStation officially hasn’t revealed anything yet, but there are more and more rumors that indicate that a Playstation 5 Pro is getting closer and closer and recent leaks point to a launch in 2024 with very powerful hardware.

The rumor arises from Jeff Grubba well-known insider who is quite trustworthy. Grubb indicates that the launch of Playstation 5 Pro It will “probably” happen in 2024 and notes that the specs on the new console have not yet been finalized, which seems strange if the console is less than a year away.

Grubb stated:

The current specs are based on a range of possibilities because they haven’t fully got that right yet. The big new thing here, as well as the big feature that this system will support, is Sony’s proprietary DLSS solution, where they use their own machine learning to improve images so they can run things at a really high resolution and at a faster rate. really high frame rate, and they would include their own hardware in the PS5 Pro to do this. That’s where 2x hardware ray tracing acceleration comes into play, but they will be able to do even more than just better hardware ray tracing. So yes, this will probably happen.

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a technology from NVIDIA focused on ray tracing performance in games. This impressive technology allows, through artificial intelligence, to receive high-resolution images from lower resolutions and render them in real time. The result of this process allows users to enjoy a drastic increase in animation frames in a quality that is almost indistinguishable between the native resolution and the visuals produced by this technique.

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