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Rumors point to a new Xbox in 2026



Xbox Series S Carbon Black screenshot

New rumors point to the launch of a new Xbox in 2026. Although leaks from the company’s documents Microsoft reveal a forecast for 2028 of a new Playstation It is Xboxrumors indicate that this could happen much sooner.

In recent participation at the Game Mess Decidesthe insider Jeff Grubb revealed that “rumors” point to the launch of a new Xbox in 2026. He said that plans could still change internally and that it is not 100% clear whether this will be the next generation Xbox console or just a more powerful version of the Xbox Series X.

The rumors that Grubb is quoting come from Keplerwhich has received some attention recently following some accurate, albeit related, leaks PlayStation. What Kepler makes clear is that the plans revealed by a leak for a Xbox Series X no disc in 2024 were apparently scrapped.

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