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SEGA VS CAPCOM: The Next Level is in development and will be released for PC



Throughout its history, Capcom He has already participated in several fighting crossovers and beyond. The superheroes of marvel comicsthe fighters of SNK and the studio’s creations Tatsunoko they were the 3 franchises where Ryu, Megaman and Chun Li exchanged punches, kicks and many special powers. Although Project X Zone were a series Nintendo 3DS that brought together heroes of Capcomfrom the Bandai Namco Entertainment and from SEGAwas an SRPG and many fans would want to see the biggest names in SEGA in a classic fighting crossover from Capcom.

It was precisely from there that the conception of SEGA VS CAPCOM: The Next Levela fan-made game built on the game engine Ikemen GOthe next generation of the legendary and old, Mugen.

The game is currently being developed exclusively for PRAÇA, there will be an online mode and for now 10 characters are guaranteed, 5 from each universe. While Ryu’s Street FighterMegaman Megaman XBatsu ichimonji de Rival SchoolsMorrigan de Darkstalkers and Linn Kurosawa’s Alien vs. Predator (Arcade) were chosen to represent the side of the CapcomSonic the Hedgehog by Sonic the HedgehogAxel Stone from Streets of RageAkira Yuki from Virtua FighterVyse de Skies of Arcadia It is Sakura Shinguji were the heroes chosen to face the Capcom. In the future Ristar de Ristar The Shooting Star will also join this list.

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